Girl, DON’T Humble Yourself

Wednesday Journal Entry, Week 21

Karina Lafayette – September 28th 2022

Photo by Kevin Laminto on Unsplash

Humble, by definition means, “having a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance”.

Sadly, many of us are guilty for twisting the meaning of that word in order for it to measure up to our own personal biases. 

Typically, the only time we hear someone tell another person to be humble, is when said person happens to be a woman of extreme confidence, or who at least, appears that way.

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You’re not an Old Soul, You’re Just Traumatized

Karina Lafayette – September 25th 2022

Photo by R.D. Smith

When I first started getting into spirituality, I identified strongly with the idea of being an old soul. Ever since I was a kid, people praised me for my strength and maturity, not realizing that I was just a child- I wasn’t supposed to be strong or mature. Teachers often spoke highly of me for being quiet in class, doing all my assignments and helping others. And yes, I was a teacher’s pet. Whenever I’d be at my grandmother’s, I would offer to help her with the chores and would be doing dishes and wiping down her fridge even though she insisted that she could do it.

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You Don’t Know Me: On Being a Virgo

Wednesday Journal Entry, Week 19

Karina Lafayette – September 6th 2022

Photo by Katelyn Greer

As a child, I was often given the impression that my purpose in life is to serve other people. Apparently, I’m not supposed to want anything. I’m not allowed to have needs or desires. My job is to exist so others can be happy. As an adult, I’m grateful to have finally realized that that is a lie, and my purpose is so much deeper. But before explaining why, a little backstory.

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Karina xo

(Correct link) Not All Fun and Games: Working at the CNE

Wednesday Journal Entry, Week 18

Karina Lafayette – August 24th 2022

Every year for eighteen days, Torontonians flock to the CNE to play games, go on rides, eat cotton candy, get caricatures done, and win cool prizes. While there, people in attendance get to laugh, have fun, and forget their worries for at least a few hours, but for the staff, it’s anything but.

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Cinderella is Still my Kind of Princess

Wednesday Journal Entry, Week 17

Karina Lafayette – August 17th 2022

For a girl who spends her younger days scrubbing floors, sweeping, sewing, cooking, and caring for an entire family that isn’t even her own, Cinderella sure gets a lot of flack. She wakes up early, gets the house together, and nevermind is the only one to hold everything else together, including herself, but people still don’t like her. Even though most women have been there. We’ve all been that girl.

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The Girl I Used to Be

Wednesday Journal Entry – Week 16

Karina Lafayette – August 10th 2022

I miss her. She was naïve and carefree. She’d make bad decisions without thinking twice and somehow always got her way. Before the tattoos, before the heartbreak, there was a girl who believed everything was possible.

She had never been in a relationship, and neither was she looking for one. Rather it was love that found her, or so she thought.

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Femininity Has Never Been Gentle

Which Means There’s Nothing Wrong with Me

Karina Lafayette – October 2021

Rap superstar Eve once made that statement, “I’m a pitbull in a skirt”, during an interview with Oprah. It’s also a line in her song, “What Ya Want”. I was a teenager when the episode aired, and that quote resonated with me in such a deep way, I haven’t changed my mind about it since.

Because I’ve always seen myself as a pitbull, a very girly, introverted, makeup-loving pitbull, which apparently confuses people.

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