Lies the New Age Community Told You

Wednesday Journal Entry, Week 13

Karina Lafayette – July 20th 2022

Picture by Kristina Flour from Unsplash

Over the years, our views on spirituality and what it means to be spiritual have shifted. Instead of having to follow of specific religion or ideology, people can pick and choose whatever works for them like when you’re at a buffet. However, the New Age Community definitely has its flaws and whatever it lacks in terms of dogma, it sometimes makes up for in really questionable ways.

There’s this mindset that being spiritual means that somehow you’re not like everyone else, or that other people are wrong for not being interested in the occult. There’s also this belief that every little thing that happens is your fault, even though in reality life can also sometimes be random. On the flip side, we think that if someone hurts others, they’re going to pay for it in the next life.


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