“Studio $1400/Month, No Pets, No Guests, No Kitchen”: The Absurdity of Toronto Housing

Karina Lafayette – November 20th 2022

I walked into the tiny studio for rent, in shock at what this couple thought was a great option for real estate. It was no bigger than a bedroom and had a bed, with a hot plate for a stove, a toaster oven, but hey, at least the fridge was decent. And there was a bathroom. All for the bargain of $1400. Been there, done that.

And quite literally. Before my current apartment, I spent a few months in a studio, but at least it was twice the size and resembled a mini loft. This however, this was a joke. Just like the housing market has become a joke. I didn’t have to think twice about saying “no” and sighed. At this point, it’s hardly breadcrumbs, it’s actual trash.

(Here to continue reading.)


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