Why The Breakfast Club Has the Perfect Cast, According to Astrology

Wednesday Journal Entry, Week 26

February 8th 2023 – Karina Lafayette

There are few movies that have really left a mark on me like The Breakfast Club. While some people feel it’s outdated, and there’s no doubt a few of the jokes (and the sexism) haven’t aged well, as someone who’s always been on the fringes of society, it’s hard not to see myself in the characters, which of course is the point of the movie. I don’t think John Hughes really intended to make the film a realistic depiction of high school, he just wanted to write a social experiment on what would happen if five very different people got the chance to see past their differences.

And of course, like almost everything else, there’s an astrological reason for that. For starters, The Breakfast Club was released on February 7th 1985, right in the middle of Aquarius season.

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