Here Come the Space Children: Pluto in Aquarius (2023-2044)

Wednesday Journal Entry, Week 27

February 15th 2023- Karina Lafayette

This isn’t the generation you want to mess with. They’re going to be determined, rational, articulate, natural leaders, and won’t take issue with saying it like it is. These are most likely kids that will start walking and talking earlier than normal, because they’ll be in such a hurry to do whatever they want in life. Should I also mention stubborn? Aquarius is after all, fixed air, meaning their beliefs and ideas are almost unchangeable, unless presented with new information that can prove them wrong, and even at that, it’s still difficult to argue with them. They’ll want it their way and will make Millennials and Gen Z look tame in comparison. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for these brats to come in.

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