And Now She Bites Back: New Moon in Cancer 2022

Karina Lafayette – June 28th 2022

Photo by Mohammed Nohassi on Unsplash

There’s a saying that “the more things change, the more they stay the same”. Some people are okay with that. Some people are okay with preserving the status quo, because it makes them feel safe and comfortable. Even though it’s starting to become a problem, they won’t change it because making a change is too difficult to adapt. It’s the reason why a lot of us stay in jobs, cities, and relationships that we should have left behind a long time ago. Of course, sometimes we stay because of lack of resources and better options. We’re just trying to survive. Either way, people generally don’t like change, we enjoy what’s familiar, and with good reason, but sometimes there isn’t any other solution.

We’re in one of those times. While this new moon may feel a bit subtle, water signs still make waves. The sign of Cancer represents the mother, but not the patriarchal mom who’s in the kitchen making sure everyone is tended to. Her actual job is to protect and defend what matters to her. Represented by the crab, she has a hard shell and claws to attack when needed, but deep down, she wants what’s best for everyone. More Xena and less of a Handmaid.

This new moon is conjunct Black Moon Lilith, the forgotten mother. A lot of astrological stereotypes are influenced by patriarchy, which is why people feel their zodiac signs are misunderstood, and no one knows that feeling more than Lilith. She gave up everything she knew before in order to have freedom from the patriarchy. With Mars square Pluto, there can be disapproval, but it’s not like we haven’t fought before. Cancer represents life itself. You also can’t give life unless there is a stable home to bring it to, like food, clothes, community, love and kindness, and a lot of people are realizing the work that needs to be done if life is even set to continue on this planet for much longer.

With moon-Lilith, this brings up issues related to the Madonna-Ho, the good girl and the bad girl, the wife and mistress. Lilith is considered as the flirt, the temptress, and even a baby killer, all because she didn’t lay beneath her husband. Eve on the other hand is well liked because she’s sweet, puts everyone first and takes care of people. There’s an idea that you can’t be both, and gender aside, it’s the reason why some struggle with idea that you can experience pleasure and everything your body does, without necessary wanting to create a child through it. Even if sexuality is talked about, it’s still something many of us get scrutinized over.

In a previous article, I wrote about my experience with Lilith energy. In astrology, there are three types of Liliths, but the one making a conjunction to the new moon is Black Moon Lilith (BML). BML is actually a dark void, and in a natal chart represents your inner rejected feminine, similar to Chiron. However, Chiron is a bit more of an obvious energy to work with and focuses on the rejected masculine, while BML is basically the shadow self, it’s the side of you that feels unwelcome in some way- especially when it comes to sexual agency. Lilith is desired by a lot of people, but most don’t love her, they love the idea of her. People who have strong Lilith in their charts run from relationships because deep down, that rejection is possible. The fact that we have a new moon conjunct Lilith during one of the darkest moments in modern women’s history, isn’t all that surprising, because as awful as sounds, we were never equal to begin with. And as much as it’s nice to avoid all the drama and go back to meditating, there are some things that need attention right now.

When there is a new moon, there is a chance to start over, a new chapter, which means that more people are going to step up, especially as the North Node in Taurus gets closer to meeting with Uranus later in July and early August. It really doesn’t matter whether we agree with someone, what matters is that we honor their right to choose.

In some myths, Lilith was Adam’s first wife, and she left the Garden of Eden because she didn’t want to make herself submit to him. She wanted to be his equal even if it meant being alone. Eve however, was made from Adam’s rib, so she didn’t have the same choice, just like a lot of us didn’t have a choice.

My grandmother told me how much she regretted making sacrifices for other people, and she’s one of the reasons I’m so angry right now. I know she deserved better, and so do I. We are not going to have this debate again, at least not in a polite way. And it’s easy to say that astrology shouldn’t discuss these things, but Saturn and Pluto are two planets that influence social structures and the law. Similar to Lilith, Pluto shows us what we don’t want to look at, but there’s also potential for growth and progress. Square to Mars, this has to do with the body and our personal idea of how to express it. In other words, no pain, no gain.

The new moon is shaking our concept of what it means to feel secure and what it means to give life to something. Whether that means having a family, living off the grid, having a business, an art career, or even getting involved in a political movement, everyone’s version of life is different. Lilith dares you to go for it. More important, is being able to take time to nurture yourself and live life at your own pace, despite being in a world that expects otherwise.

To get insight into this new moon, read below for your sun, moon and rising! Deck used is the Gilded Tarot.

Karina xo

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Aries Sun, Moon and Rising (Cancer Fourth House)

Card: The Fool – Element: Air

This is a brand new chapter for you. The Fool card shows up when we’re being asked to take a leap of faith, or make some type of change. You could have a lot of anxiety regarding the future and aren’t sure which path to take. What matters is that you try something, even if it fails. Luck is on your side but in order to receive, you’ll have to meet the universe halfway by taking that chance.

For Aries rising, this new moon is in your fourth house of home, ancestry and family. You may be visiting your family or the city you were raised in, in order to better understand your roots. If you’re planning on relocating, you may be getting good news regarding a rental, mortgage or find that housing prices in an area you’ve your eye on is becoming more affordable. Otherwise, you could simply be seeking out a period that allows you to have more comfort and introversion, and some changes may be needed to make that happen.

Taurus Sun, Moon and Rising (Cancer Third House)

Card: Ten of Swords – Element: Air

You’ve recently closed a very long and difficult cycle. The Ten of Swords shows up when we’ve reach the end of a chapter. Perhaps you trusted someone and were finally shown their true colors, or you reached the last straw that gave you no choice to walk away. If this doesn’t resonate, there could also be a family cycle that you finally closed out, especially surrounding how you were taught to communicate. You’re now speaking up for yourself and have come a long way. Keep it up and don’t let anyone treat you like a doormat.

For Taurus rising, this new moon is in your third house of communications, community and siblings. You need to say what’s on your mind but may be feeling a bit emotional at this time. If your childhood had issues in any way, you have the chance to either make amends with a relative, or are simply realizing that it’s time to move on from what happened. You could also be getting new neighbors, or decide to put together a party in order to get better acquainted with the people in your area.

Gemini Sun, Moon and Rising (Cancer Second House)
Card: Nine of Pentacles – Element: Earth

You’re feeling at ease and more confident about the future these days. The Nine of Pentacles shows up when we’re in a position to make more wealth and security for ourselves. The woman in the card is strong and confident and already has all of her needs met. To the left is a butterfly which depicts that sudden income may be coming in, either from the lottery or an inheritance.

For Gemini rising, this new moon is in your second house of resources and values. You may be getting an inheritance from family, or even an opportunity to go into business with a relative. If your parents are retiring, they may ask you to take responsibility for a family business. If this isn’t the case, you’re getting serious about finances and may want to put money aside for a future wedding, or even children. Making sure that the people you care about are provided for, is very important to you.

Cancer Sun, Moon and Rising (Cancer First House)

Card: Six of Swords – Element: Air

You’ve decided to move on from a situation that is no longer working for you. The Six of Swords shows up when we’re settling onto calmer waters after a period of difficulty and turmoil. Whether this is a move, job, or relationship, you’re realizing that the time has come to move on to other things. You may be feeling a bit tired so it’s best right now to retreat a bit on focus on tending to your own personal needs. You’ll probably like this new direction much more than expected.

For Cancer rising, this new moon is in your first house of self. You want to change how you show up in the world, and have the desire to learn how to be softer and more vulnerable. Because Lilith is involved, showing this side of yourself can feel a bit uncomfortable, and there is a need to hide behind the crab shell to avoid an attack. There isn’t any reason to worry about this, since part of your path involves being more nurturing and gentle toward others. As long as you stand in your truth, that’s all that matters.

Leo Sun, Moon and Rising (Cancer Twelfth House)

Card: King of Pentacles – Element: Earth

This period is filled with accomplishments and accolades. The King of Pentacles shows up when we’ve grown into the kind of person we always wanted to be. You could be taking on more responsibilities in some way, but are able to handle it like a charm. People see you as someone dependable, mature and well-respected. The things you have right now have been earned through years of hard work and whether you realize it or not, you have a lot to be proud of.

For Leo rising, this new moon is in your twelfth house of dreams, unconscious and imagination. You may dream of a relative that’s passed on or get a sign from them, like a song, feather or a quote they used to enjoy. You don’t feel like socializing much, except for with those you consider as family, friends included. This time of year tends to be a bit slower for you anyway, so make sure to focus on self-care and good food, and put off any responsibilities for later.

Virgo Sun, Moon and Rising (Cancer Eleventh House)

Card: Page of Wands – Element: Fire

Luck abounds even if it isn’t obvious yet. There is spark in you that has been lit and you know you can’t ignore the need to express it. The Page of Wands shows up when we’re feeling hopeful and a desire to experience all that life has to offer. You could be promoted or get the chance to express your ideas on a platform, and while it’s likely this is very new to you, you’re ready for this. If you’ve been looking for love, there could be many offers but depending on what you’re looking for, discernment is key.

For Virgo rising, this new moon is in your eleventh house of friends, social circles and wishes. Make sure to write down a list of things you’d like for yourself for the next six months, and put a plan together. Dreams really can come true, but even more if you believe in them. You want to go out more and socialize, but in order to do so, you need to be willing to let your guard down. Let people see the real you, and don’t pay any mind to criticism or jealousy. You’ve earned this.

Libra Sun, Moon and Rising (Cancer Tenth House)

Card: The Sun – Fire

This is a period for you that involves much more hope and optimism than usual. The Sun card shows up as a reminder to not dim your light and allow yourself permission for a bit of fun. Take a few days off work, book a vacation, or even just a trip to the movies. You could be coming out of a dark time that you thought wasn’t possible to overcome, and now have the freedom to experience what you’ve always dreamed of. Go for it!

For Libra rising, this new moon is in your tenth house of legacy and reputation. You’ve come a long way from who you used to be, and are more interested in what’s in front of you than what’s behind you. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to become a parents and realize that you finally have the time to focus on that. Better yet, you may decide to leave behind a job in favor of working from home to spend more time with family. It’s your life and you have the tools needed to change it.

Scorpio Sun Moon and Rising (Cancer Ninth House)

Card: The Magician – Element: Air

The power is in your hands, you just have to trust it, not that Scorpio needs to be reminded. The Magician shows up when we’re in a period of manifestation. Watch your words but most of all watch who you surround yourself with. In the card, the Magician has all four elements- earth, wind, fire and air- meaning that as long as you stand grounded in your truth, you can’t go wrong. So what are you waiting for?

For Scorpio rising, this new moon is in your ninth house of expansion, learning and travel. New ideas are coming to you and you’ve noticed a change in your priorities within the past year or so. What used to matter to you has less significance, and that’s a good thing! You may consider going into online teaching or get the chance to work at an elementary school. If this isn’t the case, you could also have more one-on-one conversations with the kids in your life to share with them the wisdom you’ve accumulated over the years.

Sagittarius, Sun, Moon and Rising (Cancer Eighth House)

Card: Knight of Cups – Element: Water

This period has you feeling emotional and creative. The Knight of Cups shows up as a reminder of the importance of wearing your heart on your sleeve. Have you been too serious lately? Do you keep up a front to shut people out? While protecting yourself is normal, something will come up to make you understand how this can also be blocking what you wishes. Someone wants to get to know you better. Whether you accept them, is up to you.

For Sagittarius rising, this new moon is in your eighth house of intimacy, finances and secrets. You’re gaining clarity about something that was hidden from your growing up, or could even learn something about your childhood that shifts your perspective. It doesn’t have to be something shocking, but it will make you understand why certain things happened the way you did. If you grew up in poverty, you could be releasing beliefs surrounding money which allows you to break a cycle once and for all. Just because you came from a certain struggle, doesn’t mean you need to repeat the same scenario.

Capricorn Sun, Moon and Rising (Cancer Seventh House)

Card: Ace of Cups – Element: Water

The universe wants to make you an offer, do you accept it? I mean, you probably already know what it is, since Capricorns are surprisingly intuitive. The Ace of Cups shows up when we’re experiencing (or are about to) an emotional peek that brings us joy and happiness. It’s an excellent card when trying to manifest love, pregnancy, or just overall good times. You’ll know in your heart when something or someone is meant for you, because it’ll just feel right. In order to bring this in, keep yourself optimistic and only put energy toward what you want to see more of.

For Capricorn rising, this new moon is in your seventh house of relationships and partnerships. You’re being asked to look at what you truly value with others, and whether there is equal give and take. You may have a tendency of doing too much, only to receive little in return. It’s important to set boundaries and pay attention to where others can take advantage of you. It’s okay to ask for what you need, don’t assume that people can read your mind.

Aquarius Sun, Moon and Rising (Cancer Sixth House)

Card: Five of Cups – Element: Water

You could have regrets over the way certain things turned out, or a reminiscent of a past love. The Five of Cups shows up when we’ve recently experienced a loss or disappointment. While feeling your feelings is important, if you look at the card, there are still two cups standing. The Two of Cups usually represents harmony, balance and soulmates. Sometimes you need to give a little first in order to get something. And if this has to do with a person, keep in mind that maybe it didn’t work out because it wasn’t meant to. You could miss out on what’s already there by focusing too much on the past.

For Aquarius rising, this new moon is in your sixth house of routine, health and work. At this time, you’re eager to find more balance between work and family. This could involve working at home or taking a much needed vacation. You could also be receiving an offer to work with children or in the restaurant industry. Either way, it’s ideal to ensure that your day-to-day life brings you the comfort needed to thrive in life.

Pisces Sun, Moon and Rising (Cancer Fifth House)

Card: Judgement – Element: Fire

You’re gaining clarity on certain things and are now able to act accordingly. The Judgement card shows up when we’re expected to make a decision surrounding a situation or the people in our life. There could be people saying things behind your back or situations where you have too much leeway, and now you’re setting better boundaries for yourself. You might be afraid that setting boundaries will cause someone to see you differently, so understand that those who care about you will support you no matter what.

For Pisces rising, this new moon is in your fifth house of creativity, romance and leisure. If you’re single, you’ll want to look for a partner who makes you feel nurtured and safe, and could find yourself with a number of admirers right now. If you’re in a relationship, you and your partner are closer than ever and may be taking the next step, which could involve either moving in together, or even having a baby. For those who don’t want either, ask yourself how you can bring more fun into your life by remembering the things that brought you joy growing up.

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