Here Come the Space Children: Pluto in Aquarius (2023-2044)

Wednesday Journal Entry, Week 27

February 15th 2023- Karina Lafayette

This isn’t the generation you want to mess with. They’re going to be determined, rational, articulate, natural leaders, and won’t take issue with saying it like it is. These are most likely kids that will start walking and talking earlier than normal, because they’ll be in such a hurry to do whatever they want in life. Should I also mention stubborn? Aquarius is after all, fixed air, meaning their beliefs and ideas are almost unchangeable, unless presented with new information that can prove them wrong, and even at that, it’s still difficult to argue with them. They’ll want it their way and will make Millennials and Gen Z look tame in comparison. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for these brats to come in.

Looking at Aquarius the zodiac sign specifically, have you ever watched one in action, like really watched one? The way their eyes light up anytime they talk about something that gets them excited, or how unimpressed and stone-faced they get around someone who tries to disrespect them. The way they’ll walk into a room and somehow, even at their most introverted and quiet, people still manage to point them out, because they’re so unapologetically themselves. Because this is what the next generation is going to be like.

The only problem is that whenever Pluto is about to go into Aquarius, the time period usually starts off with a great social divide. People in all directions find themselves bickering about who’s right and wrong and want to impose themselves onto each other. It gets harder and harder to find the truth because we start confusing our feelings with facts. Here comes in Aquarius to remind everyone that just because you feel a certain way, doesn’t make you right and that sometimes, you have to separate facts from emotion. This is also the sign to remind people that regardless of our differences, deep down, everyone wants the same thing.

A perfect example of this was that time Marquis de Lafayette, a French revolutionary and human rights advocate, climbed onto the balcony of Marie Antoinette in front of an angry mob and kissed her hand, as a way to show the people that by working together, we can make progress. Lafayette was born with Saturn in Aquarius and despite being born privileged, went on to become an important figure for common people. Of course, Marie Antoinette and the rest of the royal family at Versailles went on to be executed nonetheless, but for a moment, he allowed everyone to see past their differences. If it wasn’t for some people who are obsessed with power, progress would be that much easier, but I digress.

Before continuing, I should probably mention that since this generation is in the sign opposite Baby Boomers, who were born with Pluto in Leo, this means that a lot less people may be having kids altogether, which we’re already seeing either due to personal choice or economic choice. And while Leo is the sign that’s about pouring into the self, Aquarius the water-bearer pours into others.

If you want to raise a child of the Pluto in Aquarius generation, you’ll need to start off by making sure you understand communication, boundaries, and what it means to have a community. An “us vs. them” mindset just won’t sit right with these kids. After all, it’s fellow Aquarius moon John Lennon who co-wrote and sang The Beatles’ classic, “Come Together”. Aquarius doesn’t separate people based on class, race, and gender, they separate people based on whether or not they vibe with them.

However, don’t let that fool you into thinking that they’ll be the generation to save the world, and I don’t want to see any astrologers claiming that nonsense either. If anything, Pluto in Aquarius has historically been a time period of major progress, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be the responsibility of that generation to make that progress. It’s up to us adults to fix things. Older people often put pressure on the younger generation to fix everything, which only leads to more problems later on. I remember as a kid feeling the weight of the world because of grown ups looking at me like I had all the answers, when I was really just learning. Not to mention, Pluto will be in this sign till 2044, and with the state of the environment, expecting the next generation to do our job is not only selfish, it’s foolish.

Aquarius is already a sign that loves to help people, so much that they sometimes forget themselves. It’s our job as adults to protect that generation by letting their imagination run wild and enjoy a childhood where they can connect with each other the way we didn’t. Some notable people with Pluto in Aquarius are Queen Elizabeth I, Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein, poet Lord Byron, and Venezuelan revolutionary Simon Bolivar who fought against Spanish colonialism.

Space Children will want to talk about everything and nothing, but they’ll also be just as happy living in their own world, reading books and thinking about existence. They’ll want to have many friends, but it’s only a handful of people that can truly get them at their core. The fact that Mary Shelley, the mother of science fiction was born in the previous Pluto in Aquarius generation is not only unsurprising, it’s to be expected. Aquarius is after all the visionary, and the reason why her story of Frankenstein is so relevant today is because it serves as a cautionary tale of what happens when we use an invention for personal gain rather than for the great good. Not to mention these people also really just love shock value.

All in all, Aquarius loves to be seen as mysterious, but unlike Pluto in Scorpio, they’ll be a lot more direct and you don’t have to worry about them beating around the bush, they’ll say it like it is. Because of this, we may get into a lot of arguments with them- they’ll want to know why certain rules are in place and if it doesn’t have reason for existing, get ready to re-write the whole book. Explaining how things have always been this way, just won’t work on them.

It’s safe to say that once Pluto transiting Aquarius is in full swing, a lot about the world is going to change. Already we can see a huge difference from time it entered Capricorn in 2008. Before then, we didn’t really question wealth distribution and simply thought it was normal for most people to struggle. Now that the wool has been pulled from our eyes with movements like Occupy Wall Street and the Arab Spring (which happened in 2011), the next step will be a time where those who’ve abused power will lose their status, while others who’ve been working hard are going to be catapulted the next level. There’s going to be less of an interest in corporations, and more emphasis on small businesses, mom and pop shops, and community gardens.

Another thing that’ll be completely different is the education system. They may have teachers doing lectures from halfway around the world via Skype or Zoom, like during the pandemic, and classes will take on a more hands-on approach rather than following a book. Even money will be seen differently, and there’s a good chance that acquiring things won’t be so much about affordability, and more about making them accessible. As adults, lots of them will most likely reject the idea of a career and instead be more interested in travel and building communities off-the-grid.

Traditional parenting needn’t apply here. Aquarius Pluto are made to break the rules, so the best way to make them happy is by just letting them be their unique selves. Hair, style, etc, whatever feels good. As much as they may care for family, when they get older, some of the most important people to them will be their friends. So the adults in their life need to cultivate a sense of respect and trust, instead of aiming to behave like the typical disciplinarian. As long as you have that, they’ll consider you a bestie as much as a parent. But don’t let that fool you, just because Aquarius is the sign of networking, it doesn’t mean in the way you think it does. This generation will actually be super private, to a point where if they find photos of their childhood all over social media, they may not take kindly to it.

Speaking of social media, there’s a huge chance this sort of thing won’t even exist by the time the next generation grows up. And if social media is still around by then, it’ll no longer be a place that fixates on followers and likes, but whether it adds value. Hence the reason why I’ll be launching my own platform on February 20th, which focuses less on likes and followers and more on community. Celebrities will be less and less relevant and those who do have a following will be more relatable and down-to-earth. When it comes to movies and TV, there should also be less dystopian narratives and more of a focus on the possibilities, and even a strong obsession for fantasy and sci-fi- like of course Frankenstein. After all, Aquarius is a sign that likes to dream big and has big goals to achieve, and they want their fictional heroes to reflect that.

Because Pluto represents generational trauma and obsessions, it’s necessary to pay attention to world events during this time. Kids born during that transit are going to be shaped by all that’s happening, for better and for worse. Just like Pluto in Scorpio struggles with intimacy due to being born at the start of the AIDS Crisis, Space Children have their own share to carry. For one, when Pluto is in Aquarius, systems of government, along with social hierarchies and how we relate to others, all undergo a complete 180. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius, there was the French Revolution, along with a preview of early feminism. Great writers and advocates like Olympe de Gouges and Mary Wollstonecraft (the mother of Mary Shelley!) paved the way for modern women’s rights. It was also the same time we saw the publication of the Declaration of the Rights of Man, which was co-written by Marquis de Lafayette, who got mentioned earlier. This slowly paved the way for people to transition from traditional monarchy to governments as we know them today.

However, because Aquarius has a strong desire to belong, there can be a tendency to follow the crowd and overhype certain leaders just because they have charisma, so it’ll be a good idea to question the motives and goals of anyone becoming prominent during that time period. On the flip side, it would be a good idea to avoid resisting certain changes just because they don’t fit our narrative, because that would create delays in areas of society that need an upgrade. For example, right now on Tiktok there’s an ongoing drama between many spiritual people, especially in the New Age Community, now that more are starting to question beliefs that have become a bit problematic. This makes it possible for groups of people to start bullying when they aren’t able to get others on their side, which is why more of us need to think for ourselves and not be swept up by peer pressure.

But before change actually takes place, there needs to be some shaking up to do. Many people are already leaving behind jobs and relationships that aren’t working for them and right now in early 2023, everyone seems to be waiting around, wondering at what point we’ll get redemption after spending so many years witnessing oppression, and a widening gap between the rich and poor. While all of us are already exhausted and don’t feel we’ll ever get motivated enough to take action, when push comes to shove, change will already be happening. It won’t be the fluffy, Age of Aquarius era that’s been predicted by some “gurus”, but rather a time where we say “enough is enough” and start demanding better and creating better.

Because of this, children with Pluto in Aquarius can grow up either being carefree and comfortable going with the flow, or they can grow up feeling so anxious about the future, that they’ll try desperately to hold onto any sense of normalcy, even if it means sacrificing their happiness. In whatever case, no matter how emotionally detached they might be on the surface, they’ll need constant reassurance that they are loved and accepted and always have their loved ones to fall back on. While they hate being vulnerable, Aquarius thrives where they are loved.

Regardless of whatever direction they take, their vision of the future will be clear and bright and will focus on leaping humanity fully in the direction of progress. They might as well even be the first generation to own flying cars, and if it so happens that flying cars don’t become the norm between now and 2044, you best believe they are going to make that a reality. Who knows, they might even invent teleporting! If you want to insult Aquarius, tell them they can’t do something, and watch them do it anyway.

Fingers crossed this generation gets raised by parents who are accepting, open-minded and willing to let go of however their own parents did it. What these kids need is to be able to learn, ask questions, build and create, but in order for them to do that, the rest of us must experience a lot of growing pains. So get ready, because where we’re headed, it’ll be a whole new world.


Dates for Pluto in Aquarius

March 22nd 2023 to June 11th 2023

January 20th 2024 to September 2024

November 19th 2024 to March 8th 2043

August 31st 2043 to January 19th 2044

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