Here’s to Growing Up: Full Moon in Capricorn 2022

Karina Lafayette – July 13th 2022 

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Growing pains can be painful in some ways, but they can also be beautiful. Like the butterfly emerging from its cocoon, at some point your wings are finally ready. Did you know that if a butterfly gets help out of its cocoon, it can die? The reason being because of all the strength that gets built through working its way out. In some way, there’s a situation a lot of us are emerging from, and we’re coming out stronger and better than before. Now, this doesn’t mean that we have to do everything on our own- society encourages the bootstrap mindset, making it so most people struggle in situations that they could’ve otherwise come out of faster if it wasn’t for the lack of resources. But every now and then, the universe puts us to the test.

On July 13th, we have a full moon in Capricorn that proves how hard work combined with a little faith, really can make any dream come true. Whether it’s a personal dream or a collective one, we’re supported. Regardless of how challenging things look on the surface, a situation can turn around at any moment. On one hand, this full moon makes an opposition to Mercury, showing a need for patience and understanding when it comes to communicating with people, especially those in our nearest environments. It’s easy to let our feelings get the best of us, but Capricorn moon knows how to filter their emotions in order to make the right decision. As a Capricorn moon myself, I have no issue cutting ties with someone who disrespects me, but if we’re able to sit down for a heart-to-heart in order to reach an understanding, the situation can always change. Remember, Capricorn is represented as the water goat, and often experiences extreme hardship before finally meeting their pot of gold. They’ve seen the worst life has to offer, so you’ll never be misunderstood with a Capricorn. 

And with the moon making a conjunction to Pluto, this calls for more authenticity. In a world that often borders on superficial, sometimes the best thing is to tell people how you really feel, even if it pisses them off. Luckily, with a trine to Uranus and the North Node, words that are exchanged around this period can bring not only progress, but newfound opportunities and healing. Words really can move mountains, but we won’t find out unless we start the conversation.

Once Uranus and the North Node reach the same degree later this month, bold Mars meets up with them, bringing us the chance to innovate in ways we haven’t seen in years. The last time Uranus and the North Node were conjunct, the first iPhone came out. Uranus in Taurus is a period where life as we know it is shaken up, and we learn to become more resourceful without compromising our values or sense of self-worth. It’s also a period where movies and the arts in general get to shift- so our idea of celebrity is also starting to change. We’re no longer impressed by glam and looks, Taurus is all about keeping it real. If you’re an artist, musician, writer, or even an entrepreneur, write down any inspiration that comes up between now and later into August, because this could be your ticket to success- even stardom. 

Of course, because Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, it’s important to keep in mind that nobody becomes successful overnight, and if they do, it’s fleeting. So whatever areas of life are seeing gains, these are things you’ve been working on for a very long time. Keeping in mind that the nodes represent the past and future, we need to be prepared for a bit of disagreement. Believe it or not, some people enjoy the status quo, because it makes them feel comfortable. However, ask any earth sign, and they’ll tell you that success isn’t found in staying comfortable, it’s found in pushing yourself past your limits. How else would a goat reach the top of the mountain?

To get insight on how to make the best of this full moon, read below for your sun, moon and rising signs. Deck used is The Nightmare Before Christmas.


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Aries Sun, Moon and Rising (Capricorn Tenth House) 

Card: Ten of Pentacles – Element: Earth 

You’re coming out on top after a long and dreadful journey. The Ten of Pentacles shows up when we’re in a position of abundance and stability. You could recently have taken on a job or role that’s given you the chance to access certain opportunities you never thought possible- like Christmas in the summer. If this isn’t the case, now’s the time to write that wish list, even if it does seem early for Santa. If you look closely at the card, here is a snake wrapped around the presents, which shows you had to go through a lot of transformations to get here, but rest assured you’re also protected. People might test you, so keep your boundaries firm. 

For Aries rising, this full moon is in your tenth house of reputation and legacy. Something you’ve been working on is going to have a greater impact than you thought. Whether it’s a job, career, or even a way of life, be very picky with making moves at this time, since the spotlight is on you. If you work in the public eye, take everything with a grain of salt, but make sure to remember the days when you were wishing for what you have. It’ll get you through the challenges much more easily.  

Taurus Sun, Moon and Rising (Capricorn Ninth House) 

Card: Eight of Pentacles – Element: Earth 

This period has had you hard at work. Things may be taking longer than usual, but no one knows better than you that slow and steady wins the race. The Eight of Pentacles shows up when we’re focused on developing our skills in order to build something that will last for a really long time. This isn’t only limited to work as in career or a job, but can also apply to any inner work you’ve been doing to manifest your soulmate. You’ve likely grown frustrated to the point of wanting to throw in the towel, but be assured the universe is getting ready to surprise you. So keep it up! 

For Taurus rising, this full moon is in your ninth house of travel, learning and expansion. For once in your life, you’re confident to let yourself try something else, and it’s going to pay off. Change is scary especially for a fixed sign like yours, but with Uranus already in Taurus since 2018, you’re beginning to like this outspoken, more confident you. You could receive an offer to work overseas or get the chance to connect with clients from different parts of the world. If you happen to be an artist, projects you put out around this time could have a farther reach than you expected, so don’t hesitate to put yourself out there.

Gemini Sun, Moon and Rising (Capricorn Eighth House) 

Card: Page of Cups – Element: Water 

Remember what it’s like to have a sense of enthusiasm? Life has probably been a challenge lately, but focusing too much on the negative can make things seems worse than they are. The Page of Cups shows up to remind us to go through life with the curiosity of a child, and to learn to enjoy the moment. Someone wants to sweep you off your feet, or simply to get to know you better. There’s never been a better time to open your heart. If you look closely at the card, he seems curious about what’s inside the bottle but still hasn’t opened it. If there’s an offer you’ve been sitting on, this is a sign to take a chance.

For Gemini rising, this full moon is in your eighth house of finances, intimacy and secrets. Having Capricorn in this house means vulnerability isn’t your strong suit, but you could surprise yourself with an unexpected confession. If this isn’t related to a partner, it’s simply you who’s being asked to look at the way you limit yourself from connection. These limitations also act as blocks from success, and the time is right to release those blocks, especially when it comes to climbing the social ladder. You might not think you’re ready for the next step in your career, but the universe says otherwise. 

Cancer Sun, Moon and Rising (Capricorn Seventh House) 

Card: Two of Cups – Element: Water

A sense of balance and harmony fills you, and you’re overwhelmed with emotions. The Two of Cups shows up when we’ve achieved inner harmony between our masculine and feminine sides. You’ve reached a point where you’re feeling like a whole and authentic person, and that draws better people your way. Be it for a romantic partnerships, friends and co-workers. If you’re single, you could be closer to meeting a special someone. However, if you’re already partnered, the universe wants you to be sure this person gives you that balance you so crave. Otherwise, it may be time to move on. 

For Cancer rising, this full moon is in your seventh house of partnerships. With Pluto in your seventh since what seems like forever, you’re getting a bit peeved at what’s been made available in the love department. You could have spent a long time dealing with people who were controlling and found that maybe it’s easier to be alone. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll need to be alone forever. This really means that in order to attract the right person, you’ll need to take the initiative. As a matter of fact, the right person could be closer than you think. So, if you’re invited to a party, press conference or anywhere with powerful people, be sure to show up. 

Leo Sun, Moon and Rising (Capricorn Sixth House) 

Card: Justice – Element: Air 

Clarity is available to you at this time, but the question is whether you’re willing to step up and say what needs to be said. The Justice card shows up when we’re given clarity or a sense of balance in regards to a longstanding issue. If you work as an artist or do some type of work with groups of people, you could be invited to speak. There may be some anxiety over how you’ll be perceived by others, but keep in mind that you wouldn’t be given this opportunity if the other person didn’t think you were qualified for it. You have charisma and star quality, use it. 

For Leo rising, this full moon is in your sixth house of work and routine. You’ve been working extra hard, gathering your ducks in a row and figuring out what exactly you want the future to look like. An area of your life is wrapping up and the next stage of success is on the horizon. There could be mixed emotions as this means leaving behind colleagues or even a place that you’ve grown comfortable at, but this is your moment. You could be starting your own business or thinking about the next project to tackle.

Virgo Sun, Moon and Rising (Capricorn Fifth House) 

Card: Five of Wands – Element: Fire 

With popularity comes opposition, that can’t be avoided. What can be avoided is the need to hide just for the sake of avoiding opposition altogether. The Five of Wands shows up when our needs conflict with a group of people. The question is whether you want to compromise in order to keep balance, and whether compromise is even possible. At this point, the best thing is to put yourself first, but if someone does try you, diplomacy is key. Times like these give clarity for who’s really on your side. Know in your heart that you deserve the best, and anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know your story. The right people will be there for you. 

For Virgo rising, this full moon is in your fifth house of romance, creativity and fun. Let the good times roll, and get rid of anything that gets in the way of it. You might feel overwhelmed with responsibilities, but allowing yourself to have fun once in a while doesn’t have to get in the way of that. If you’re not able to go out to a movie or event right now, find a way to make your work more exciting. Put on some music, or if working remotely, get your tasks done at a coffee shop, beach or library. People are noticing you these days. Remember, love is all around and if Cinderella can find it, so will you. If you do meet someone, this person could be an actor or musician, or have a childlike quality that makes you smile again.

Libra Sun, Moon and Rising (Capricorn Fourth House) 

Card: Ten of Cups – Water

This is a period of emotional fulfillment. The Ten of Cups shows up when our emotional world is in harmony with the physical world and everything seems to be going right. Even if your life isn’t exactly where you want, you feel yourself getting closer to making that dream a reality. Something is guiding the way, possibly an ancestor or spirit guide. Tap in and try not to be so rational. Intuition doesn’t always make sense, but when you know, you know.  

For Libra rising, this full moon is in your fourth house of home, family and ancestry. An old chapter is closing, and you have an opportunity to get closure with a father figure in a way that will allow you to move on. Perhaps your father wasn’t as present as needed or ruled with an iron fist, and you’re no longer afraid to stand up. You might have come from struggle, but the struggle doesn’t have to continue. A situation comes up that pushes you to up your rank in your family life. Either this involves buying your first house, the birth of a child, or even you becoming a grandparent for the first time. 

Scorpio Sun Moon and Rising (Capricorn Third House) 

Card: Five of Swords – Element: Air 

A recent conflict that you might have been avoiding is finally coming full circle, and you’re able to see where exactly things went wrong. The Five of Swords shows up when we’re coming up against opposition. Perhaps you’re seeing a colleague’s true colors and this puts you in a place of having to defend yourself. With a bit of tact and patience, you’ll come out on top. However, it’s important not to be so cold that you allow the person to think they have the upper hand. Sometimes the best way to resolve an issue is to just say it like it is. 

For Scorpio rising, this full moon is in your third house of communications, community and siblings. You’re at a crossroads in your work or career, so use that energy to bring clarity before taking the next step. People look to you as a leader, so make sure to keep your wits about you till you’re absolutely sure this is what you want. If you own a business, someone who’s been at your side for a long-time may decide to go out on their own, or you’re finding that you’ve outgrown where you’re at. Don’t be afraid to try a new approach. 

Sagittarius, Sun, Moon and Rising (Capricorn Second House) 

Card: Four of Swords – Element: Air 

A break from the real world is needed and you know it. The Four of Swords shows up when we’re in a period of recovery before moving onto the next chapter. Perhaps you just experienced a break up or got laid off from a job, and now you’re reassessing your identity. Keep in mind that endings are sometimes beginnings, and write down a list of the things that are working for you, as this will keep the optimism. If possible, make time for a vacation, or better yet, take a bath, watch a movie, or take a stroll in nature. 

For Sagittarius rising, this full moon is in your second house of values and resources. You could find that debt that was owed has been resolved, or that an issue you had been dealing with for a long time, somehow fixes itself. Thanks to your diligence and maturity, you’re able to turn any challenge into an opportunity for growth. You could also be coming into money from an inheritance or even the lottery, so even if you don’t normally play, now is the beesr to get a ticket. Beyond that, you’ve come to realize that at the end of the day, as long as your most basic needs are met, you have everything. 

Capricorn Sun, Moon and Rising (Capricorn First House) 

Card: Knight of Pentacles – Element: Earth 

You’re working diligently on a goal and it won’t be long before you get the chance to benefit from that. The Knight of Pentacles shows up when we’re just working our way up the social ladder. It’s likely you’ve had the same dream since you were a kid, and even if you look the card, he’s reflecting on how far he’s come. But it doesn’t have to be all work. The universe has a gift for you, and you might be so focused that you could easily miss out on it. Make sure to check your spam folder for any emails, and take time to interact with people in between breaks. You may meet a person with similar goals and the two of you will be the next power couple. 

For Capricorn rising, this full moon is in your first house of self. You’re granted permission to be as flashy and over the top as possible. Confidence looks good on you. Even if you’re not feeling all that confident, it wouldn’t hurt to act like it till it becomes real. This new you is much more mature, calm, and magnetic. People trust you to be the person to go to with their problems, but remember there’s more to life than just being everyone’s mentor. Sometimes “no” really is a complete sentence. 

Aquarius Sun, Moon and Rising (Capricorn Twelfth House) 

Card: The Empress – Element: Earth 

You’re feeling grounded and comfortable in your own skin, and want the world to know it. The Empress card shows up when we’ve finally mastered the ability to make our dreams come true. You want to celebrate with the people closest to you, so consider putting together a small party or a night out. With all this, your charitable side is also showing, so if you have the opportunity to buy someone a gift or donate to those who are in need, it’s the perfect time to do so. 

For Aquarius rising, this full moon is in your twelfth house of dreams, unconscious and imagination. Recently you could have had a lot of nightmares about being fired from a job or showing up late to work, but a conversation with a boss or higher up can show you how appreciated you really are. If there’s any stress surrounding a promotion or a new leadership role, take time to write down a list of everything you’ve accomplished to get yourself here. Sometimes we need to look back before moving forward. 

Pisces Sun, Moon and Rising (Capricorn Eleventh House) 

Card: Queen of Swords – Element: Air 

Clarity and wisdom are on your side and you’re not allowing yourself to be swayed by other people’s opinions anymore. The Queen of Swords shows up when we’re learning to speak our truth. Someone may come to you needing advice, and rather than just telling the person what they want to hear, it’s best to be straightforward. If you feel a friend hasn’t been stepping into their full potential, they could use a bit of a pep talk- this person sees you as a role model in some way. 

For Pisces rising, this full moon is in your eleventh house of social circles and friendships. With time, you find that your circle is getting smaller, but at least the people who are around are more reliable and trustworthy. However, are you speaking up, or do you let others make decisions for you? There could be a group of people who have a very rigid way of doing things, and in order to stick around, it’s time you share what’s inside your heart. This is how you’ll know whether they’re the people for you. Don’t be afraid to stand alone once in a while.


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