I Left the New Age Community: On Being a Solitary Witch

Photo from Mark Tegethoff on Unsplash

Awhile back, I kept on having this intuitive feeling that the New Age Community would go down the same path as the Catholic Church did almost two thousands years ago. I kept telling myself that I was just being paranoid, and that these were good people who meant well, and boy, was my intuition right. It’s the same old lies with new labels, practices and speakers, but the intention is the same: to attempt to control others. For those who don’t remember, when the Catholic Church was still in its baby phase, it went on a mission to get new followers, and they did so by appropriating pagan traditions and holidays, as well as the traditions and holidays from other religions, just to make itself more palpable for the average person. This is why lots on social media will point out how traditions like the Christmas tree and even Saint Nick himself are so similar to what we see in paganism, and that’s because they are. Even the idea that we eat the flesh of our saviour through the host and have wine symbolizing blood is pretty pagan, wouldn’t you agree?

Fast forward years later, during a time where many people left the Church and were having a crisis of faith, the New Age Community came along as a response to that- that you can be spiritual without identifying with just one particular religion. This was all well and good on the surface, but when you look into it, so much as what is defined as “New Age” is really just appropriated traditions from Indigenous Communities, as well as Hinduism and Buddhism. Not that this is a surprise, but many insist that somehow their way is different, and that anyone can do it, even without the right experience, knowledge or mentors. This wouldn’t be a bad thing if it wasn’t for the fact that

  1. Many of these traditions are often taught by white people who have no knowledge of the history associated with those practices and
  2. The tendency to cherry pick certain philosophies and distorting their meaning to their own advantage

As if that isn’t enough, in the New Age Community, there just isn’t any room for diversity, let alone asking questions. On the surface, they come across as all love and light, when in reality, they’re just as biased, controlling, and segregated as the Church ever was. Even recently, on New Age Tiktok, a woman named Alex, who runs the account @alexservestea, made a video where she claims that there is going to be a new Bible, and that all of us (or in this case, likely her followers) are going to be a part of it. When it comes to the concept of enlightenment, many are under the impression that only 144,000 people in the world are ever going to reach this level.

Another religion known for touting the 144,000 is Jehova’s Witness, and this number is also mentioned in the Bible’s Book of Revelations, but most recently, this number has been associated with twin flames and that apparently only 144,000 can ever actually be with their twin flame. Long story short, what this basically means is only that group of people is special, according to the eyes of God- I mean, the “universe”. While the rest of us muggles are at least lucky enough to witness their supposed magic, and should bow to them. Sigh.

I don’t know about you, but just by taking a look at social media, it seems that millions upon millions of people everyday are talking about spirituality and how much it’s helped their lives in some way. So this theory about their only being 144,000 of us is really just another example of spiritual narcissism. Like it or not, most of us aren’t special for practicing a certain faith, and the belief that we are is not only dangerous, it’s just reinforcing the same oppressive hierarchy that political activists have been working hard to dismantle. Not to mention, the New Age Community keeps making empty promises of there being a major “shift” coming, especially through the Lion’s Gate Portal and other dates, but when that day shows up as just another ordinary day, their excuse is divine timing. Rather than just admitting even they don’t know either, they instead point fingers and accuse people of not working hard enough in their favor.

It’s pretty clear that there’s no room for a little witch like me in the New Age Community. I ask too many questions. I think too much. I’m not feminine and submissive enough (whatever that even means). But most of all, I enjoy looking at all the facts before making a decision, and that scares them. Witches don’t belong in that community in the first place, we’re meant to be lone wolves. This doesn’t make me better than anyone. I was also once in a place where I was obsessed with having a twin flame, and I used to believe that somehow all the abuse I endured growing up was really a part of a greater plan. That’s why they like their followers young and traumatized, so they can mold them. In reality, I was simply dealt with a certain deck of cards and it was up to me to either accept it, or hit reshuffle. My past experiences of abuse weren’t my fault, they were the product of my upbringing and trauma that my own family went through. Anyone who says otherwise, isn’t a person I want to associate with.

Another reason why I’ve walked away from the New Age Community is because I’m tired of repeating myself on the subject. I rather talk about a million other things than why spiritiual narcissism is wrong. Not to mention, I don’t want to only be associated with my work in astrology, I want to be associated with my art, poetry, and filmmaking, and we all know how cults love to put people in a box. There’s just no reasoning with them, and if they want to make me a villain, so be it.

In my previous article called I Almost Quit Spirituality, Here’s Why, I wrote how it was important to stay in the community and fight the good fight, but if there’s one thing my Saturn Return has taught me, it’s the beauty in letting things go. So I’m letting go of the New Age Community. Let them have their conspiracy theories. Let them believe everything is their fault. Let them believe that anyone who doesn’t agree with their beliefs is evil and inferior. Let them fight amongst each other till enough start to leave and realize that power comes from within, and that you don’t need anyone telling you what to do. Let them have their cult. Like so many have said before, the universe is inside you, not just around you. When it’s all said and done, the witches will still be here, like we’ve always been here, standing in our power, answering to no one.

Now when it comes to what I believe in, that’s still to be figured out. It seems to be changing everyday. I might as well be an atheist, because there’s one thing that’s for certain; I don’t believe in the concept of a God or worshiping deities. I believe in nature and that everything is connected, and that the universe wants people to have the best, and communicates with us 24/7. And aside from my daily practices like meditation, astrology and tarot, I no longer allow these things to control my life, they’re simply there to enhance my life. Unless you’re interested in becoming a nun, priest, or monk, spirituality shouldn’t be your entire life, it should just be a part of it. Because everything is connected, it never really is possible to ignore the universe in the first place, especially when it’s already inside you.

Karina xo

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