If You Have a T-Square, This is For You

Wednesday Journal Entry, Week 9

Karina Lafayette – June 22nd 2022

Photo by Brad Barmore on Unsplash

Feeling like certain areas of your life are always at odds? Like no matter what you do, some things can’t take off unless you get all your ducks in a row? Are certain things that people find very easy, somehow extremely hard for you? Then you probably have a T-square.

A T-square is basically when you have two planets that are in exact opposition, while a third planet (the apex) is making a square, basically a 90 degree angle, to both planets in opposition. In order to spot a T-square, look to whether there is a right triangle in your birth chart. In my case, I have two T-squares- one with Venus, Pluto and Saturn, the other with Mercury, Pluto and Saturn. And yes, it is very frustrating at times, but it doesn’t always have to be that way.

In order to really understand how to work with a T-square, it’s ideal to look more at the houses the planets are in, because these show the areas that are affected. There are two ways to ease the tension of a T-square; some astrologers talk about focusing more attention on the apex planet, which for me is Saturn (fun, right?); other astrologers talk about focusing on the missing fourth sign. In other words, the sign that is opposite your apex planet. Because I have Saturn in Aquarius, this would be Leo. And it’s very interesting for me, because I do tend to feel out of balance when I’m not creating and enjoying myself. As much as working with Saturn has been a good thing for me, because he’s at the apex of my T-squares, I tend to feel overwhelmed by responsibilities, like people always want something from me. And as much as I love being able to help others, I only started to thrive when I learned how to say “no”, which isn’t what you expect of Saturn. Usually, the traditional advice of Saturn is to work hard and grind, but in my case, I’ve been working since childhood.

There’s never not been a time where I’ve been responsible. Even teachers used to tell me I was mature for my age. So while I agree with how people need to be responsible for Saturn, if this is the apex of your T-square like mine, then I’d say you may want to take a bit of the opposite advice.

It doesn’t mean that someone like me doesn’t have responsibilities, but because Leo is the missing link here, there really needs to be some enjoyment in responsibilities. Anytime a situation feels like a burden, it’s a good sign I need to move on. If people are too needy, selfish, or want to show up in my life whenever they need something, only to leave later, I have no business dealing with them. Now, whatever planet you have at the apex of your T-square, to make it easier to understand, think if it like when flying a kite. If there isn’t any movement being made in this area, then there is no chance for it to take off. Just be wary to make it an obsession. For example, if you have the apex planet in your third house, being able to communicate is important to step in the right direction, but you also don’t want to over-explain yourself to the point where you get misunderstood.

Probably one of my favorite people with a T-square has to be Oprah. Whether you love her or hate her, you still have to admit she made a great life for herself despite coming from very little. Oprah grew up in poverty, had an abusive mother and grandmother, and was sent to live with her father after a pregnancy that resulted from sexual assault. Her first job in showbusiness was working as a reporter. Finally in her late twenties- right around her first Saturn Return, she moved to Chicago, despite a lot of people warning she would never make it, in order to host her own talk, and well, obviously she made the right choice.

In Oprah’s chart, she has Mercury opposite Pluto square Mars in powerful Scorpio, which just that alone reflects someone who is both relentless and very determined. She probably had issues with speaking up when she was younger, but eventually learned how important it is to be transparent. Even in interviews, she speaks about the time she did an episode with white supremacists, and after seeing all the ridicule and media circus that came out of that episode, decided from then on that she would only do interviews that had value for people (Mercury in the second house). With Mars being the eleventh, it makes sense that she has such a reach given that the eleventh has to do with social circles. Of course, because she can be at risk of working to the point of burn out, for Oprah to find balance she sometimes needs to retreat to her fifth house in Taurus, which can reflect her struggle to find acceptance and self-love when it comes to her image. Overall, I think her chart is pretty cool, and I think that even if her early years had been easier and more privileged, she would still be the icon she is today, but maybe that last part is just my bias. I also don’t think that people can ever really miss out on the things they’re made to do.

Because early in life, people with a T-square experience a lot of extremes, it’s common to go back and forth on situations. With Mercury opposite Pluto, people can see Oprah is a threat because she says it like it is, and was one of the first black women to really shine on television hosting and producing her own show. Since her Pluto is in the eighth house, she’s a bit of an alchemist, and likes to change the perspective on situations that usually aren’t talked about, which is so brave of her.

In my case, I’ve had some people try hard to get me to shut up with Mercury opposite Pluto, which is fine. I like knowing the truth, and as my mother used to say to me growing up, “You ask too many questions”. Um, yes I do ask questions, that’s the point. Having Venus opposite Pluto means a lot of extremes in relationships. One minute I’d be obsessed with love, the next I would want nothing to do with it. Either I’d attract partners who are too detached, or too obsessive. And because Saturn is squaring both these planets, it adds a layer of confusion between priorities. Sometimes, it would feel like I couldn’t be with someone unless I had everything else figured out first, like I wasn’t good enough unless I already made it.

Regardless of whatever planets you have in a T-square, remember not to feel wary around it, because it doesn’t have to be as bad as you think. It’s really just a learning curve, and it can be very different for everyone. During my Return, I learned that not having everything a lie, and that really, it’s possible to have everything you want, just with some balance and patience. And pleasure, always make time for pleasure.


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