Jupiter in Pisces: The Blessings in Store for Your Zodiac Sign

The largest planet in the solar system enters Pisces for the first time since 2010

Karina Lafayette – May 2021

Deck used: The Gilded Tarot

On May 13th, Jupiter entered Pisces, the sign of dreams, magic, spirituality, the unconscious mind, and afterlife. The first part of the transit will be very brief, and last just long enough to give a preview of some of the things we can expect throughout 2022. On July 28th, as Jupiter is retrograde, it’ll make one final pitstop in Aquarius before officially making its way back into Pisces by December, where it’ll stay for most of next year.

Nonetheless, anytime one of the outer planets changes sign, you can bet it’s felt on a collective level. Wherever Jupiter is at, this area of life becomes blessed with luck and happiness, but there’s also a tendency to go overboard, since Jupiter acts as a magnifying glass. On the harsher side of this transit, we can expect the conflict in the Middle East to become more significant, as we try to find a way to become more inclusive and accepting of different faiths, ethnicities, and ways of life. Jupiter in Pisces highlights the unseen, and all the ways in which we’re in denial of our personal wrongdoings. On the brightside, an event might occur that’ll bring people together, reminding us that despite our differences (which continue to be emphasized with Saturn in Aquarius, read here), we’re all a part of the same world. The music, movie, literature, and fashion industry, all will feel a sense of magic and innovation artists haven’t had in a very longtime, especially when Jupiter makes a lovely conjunction to Neptune in April 2022. We can even expect a greater interest in astrology, mediumship, and spiritual work. All in all, Jupiter in Pisces is just the thing we need to remind us that even with everything that happens, miracles are very much alive and well.

Scroll below to get an idea of how Jupiter in Pisces will influence you by reading for your sun, moon, and rising sign!

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Karina xo

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Aries Sun, Moon, and rising (Pisces twelfth House)
Card: Knight of Swords — Element: Air

This transit will be especially spiritual, where you’ll come face-to-face with sides of yourself that are unfamiliar. You feel as if guardian angels surround you, and would do well to focus on yoga, meditation, writing, music, and astrology- anything to get in touch with your unconscious. With the owl above the knight, you’re feeling especially courageous to speak your mind and express true authenticity.

The Knight of Swords represents communication, boldness, and things moving at a fast pace. Either you could be dealing with someone who’s very eager to chat or argumentative. Think before you speak because you’re also prone to arguments.

For Aries rising, it’s an important time to go within. Life on the outside might feel slower than usual, but that doesn’t make you any less productive. You could even benefit from writing a book or studying a new religion. Pay attention to your dreams and any passed on relatives that could have messages for you.

Taurus Sun, Moon, and Rising (Pisces Eleventh House)
Card: Queen of Wands — Element: Fire

You’re feeling especially victorious and confident. After a period of instability thanks to Uranus being in your sign since 2018, the darkness has lifted and the future feels brighter. You may be taking on a leadership role or simply have a greater need to assert yourself. Dressed in orange, this queen is focused on her solar plexus, so to make the most of it, wear orange, eat plenty of fruits, and do things that make you feel sexy.

The Queen of Wands represents someone who has experience and likes to share passion, but with enough maturity to make endeavors last. She carries her wand in a way that’s protective, not threatening, and knows how to get what she wants. Unlike the other wand cards, she doesn’t have to prove anything, her actions speak for her (gender doesn’t matter).

For Taurus rising, social groups are highlighted, so you benefit by working with people who lift you up and make you feel the best. If you’re an artist, speaker, writer, performer, or activist, there’s a chance at fame or some type of important recognition.

Gemini Sun, Moon, and Rising (Pisces Tenth House)
Card: Two of Pentacles — Element: Earth

You’re focused on multitasking and trying to balance different areas of your life, like the classic Gemini. Perhaps work or career obligations are making it so you have to prioritize family and relationships in a different way, and that won’t bother you one bit. If you look closely at the card, in the water is a dolphin which represents joy, so whatever comes in is bound to put a smile on your face.

The Two of Pentacles shows a man juggling two different things at the same time. Unlike other decks, he looks focused and comfortable with where he’s at. Behind him and the dolphin is a ship. He’s grown comfortable having to juggle different things so much that he risks missing out on the ship that’s coming through. Look behind you!

For Gemini rising, you’re going to have to decide which direction to take on your career path, and make sure that the reputation you put out is the one you want people to witness. Others see you in a positive light right now, but be careful with issues with projection or trying to hard to fit a specific image. When something brings you happiness, that’s when you know it’s right for you.

Cancer Sun, Moon, and Rising (Pisces Ninth House)
Card: Three of Swords — Element: Air

There’s a good chance that recently you went through a breakup or came upon extra money woes like debt, and you’re being called to release whatever pain you’ve been holding onto from that experience. The universe asks that you let go of those swords you identify with and open your heart to learning a new skill, language, or religion. I know Cancerians tend to get trapped by emotions, and as much as feeling emotions is a beautiful thing, it’s just as beautiful to master the art of letting go. You’re on a journey that’s about getting back to basics.

The Three of Swords is a card of holding onto heartbreak, disappointments, or grudges. It’s straightforward and comes as a reminder to not stop ourselves from experiencing what life and love have to offer just because something didn’t work out in the past.

For Cancer rising, you may be called to study, become a teacher, or move city. You’ve been stuck in a certain phase and now is the moment to finally step outside your comfort zone. It’ll be worth it.

Leo Sun, Moon, and Rising (Pisces Eighth House)
Card: The Devil — Element: Earth
You’re feeling raunchy, bold, and want to explore and connect deeper into the material realm. Temptation is all around for better and for worse. It’s up to you to recognize what’s worth indulging in and what’s a distraction. The Devil card isn’t all bad; it could indicate a state of being financially secure and having the ability to ask for whatever your heart desires.

The Devil brings mixed messages. It can represents danger or worrying about danger, but that isn’t usually the case. Most of the time, this card comes along either when we’re enjoying ourselves a bit too much or too little. It can also show an area of life where we feel restricted or controlled

For Leo rising, you may come across an inheritance or income tax that was owed without your knowledge. If you’re single, you could meet a partner who’s very sexual and wants to please you mind, body and soul, but they can just as easily distract you, so set boundaries. If already partnered, then this is an ideal transit to explore kinks, fantasies, and share dirty secrets you haven’t shared before. Just be mindful of not getting carried away by making things about ego and selfishness.

Virgo Sun, Moon, and Rising (Pisces Seventh House)
Card: Two of Wands — Element: Fire
There are multiple paths to success and many different experiences available, but only one right for you. Looking closely at the card, this man is faced with two paths, one that’s clearer and easier, and the other more mysterious and filled with mountains. Virgo connects well with animals so you’ll be getting a lot of signs and nudges associated with animals. Up in the sky, the birds are flying toward the choice that’s headed for the mountains, hinting that the road less traveled is the one you should take. The deers represent protection and being spiritually guided. Even if choices seem confusing, you already know the answer.

The Two of Wands is about making choices. Since wands are passion, this means that out of all that’s present, to go with whatever lights up your spirit. It doesn’t matter what others think or if this is something you’ve done before. Learn as you go along.

For Virgo rising, Jupiter in Pisces highlights partnerships and you’ll feel like you’ve finally met (or are about to meet) your people. Use this time to work on group projects and improve relationships with others. In love, choose the partner that makes you want to go on adventures. Big love and soulmate energy is coming through, as long as you avoid putting each other on pedestals. Marriage, eloping, or meeting someone from a different culture, are all possibilities. Real love is freedom.

Libra Sun, Moon, and Rising (Pisces Sixth House)
Card: King of Wands — Element: Fire
You feel on top of your game and more energetic than usual. There’s a need to get shit done and stand up for what you believe in. At work, you may be called for a promotion or get noticed by your team members as a reliable asset. There’s a possiblity of having a fling or affair with someone at work, so get to know people and listen to your head. Even the sign of romantic alliances deserves to be picky.

The King of Wands sits on his throne proudly, but unlike others before him, he isn’t arrogant or showy. He just is. This is a man of business and pleasure who’s well-respected and charming.

For Libra rising, there’s a desire to focus on health, improve your daily habits, and exercise. You could even over-indulge, which means it’s important to pay attention to how you show kindness to your body. If you’ve never been a kitchen person, use this as an opportunity to learn how to cook meals from different cultures, improve eating habits, or even become vegetarian. You’ll be attuned with animals so if you’ve considered adopting a new pet, this is a transit to do so.

Scorpio Sun, Moon, and Rising (Pisces Fifth House)
Card: Six of Cups — Element: Water
You’re much more playful and childlike than usual, which really makes you feel good. A new relationship could blossom and either this person likes to give flowers, or you will be getting signs from the universe about them through flowers. This is a very fertile, exciting time, so use precautions unless children is something you actually want.

The Six of Cups represents nostalgia, happiness, soulmates, and doing what makes you excited. This comes as a reminder to think back on what it was like before adulthood when seriousness came around, and to simply just be yourself.

For Scorpio rising, an old friend or someone you had a crush on years ago could come back for a whirlwind romance. Whether it lasts depends on what you’re both looking for. This person may be younger than you or have a very “sunshine” energy to them. They may even be an artist. In the area of creativity, you’re productive and any ideas like a painting, a song, book, or show, will have a spiritual affect on others. This is also an ideal transit to think about having kids, or finding someone that you see as the mother/father of your future kids. If this happens, you’ve shared many lifetimes with them.

Sagittarius Sun, Moon, and Rising (Pisces Fourth House)
Card: King of Pentacles — Element: Earth
You’ll be finding home and family are where you want to be, and think up ways to bring more joy and celebration in your day-to-day life. This is a transit that’s comforting and you want to share this energy with the people who matter most. Consider donating to charity, helping out a family member, or even partnering with someone to start a business. You already have what it takes, now it’s about action.

The King of Pentacles is calm, resilient, and wealthy. He enjoys assisting people and sharing his wealth. He’s come a long way and rests on the bounty of his accomplishments with honour and praise.

For Sagittarius rising, your home feels like a sanctuary. Either you want to decorate, do renovations, or invite people over. This is also a chance to move overseas or visit the place your family came from. Despite the pandemic, there could also be relatives traveling from abroad who want to visit you. If you’ve been estranged from them, this is a good transit to reconnect and get back in touch with your roots.

Capricorn Sun, Moon, and Rising (Pisces Third House)
Card: Six of Wands — Element: Fire
During this transit you’re going to be victorious. There is hard work you’ve been putting in, and Jupiter sees that you collect your rewards. Whatever you have to say people are listening, so don’t be shy to speak up. You could be leading by example or have something to share that inspires and moves others to great heights, be it a project, book, or business idea. Capricorns are already natural-born leaders, so Jupiter in Pisces has you dreaming up all the ways to make your goals a reality.

The Six of Wands is a card of blessings after the struggle. The Five of Wands, which comes right before, shows a group of people fighting each other. Here it’s very clear who won that fight and it’s safe to say you made the right choice. If you look at the flags in the background, they are all different, which shows the opportunity to reach people from various walks of life.

For Capricorn rising, your conversations and interactions with neighbors are expected to be very lively. You’ll be finding ways to make more connections with your community by having barbecues, parties, and socializing. If you’re a writer, journalist, blogger, or artist, use this transit to market and share your work with a larger audience.


Aquarius Sun, Moon, and Rising (Pisces Second House)
Card: Knight of Cups — Element: Water
With all this water energy, you’re called to honour your emotions and experience the things that speak to your heart. Even though this might be out of your comfort zone, you’ll find yourself quick to talk about certain feelings due to a significant change that’s coming, either through new love, a change in perspective, or a heart-to-heart with someone you care about. Intergrity is where it’s at and there’s no holding back. Someone in your midst will have you feeling passionate about life again.

The Knight of Cups is artistic, brave, and guided by intuition. Though he might act rash at times and be emotionally immature, he lets his heart lead the way.

For Aquarius rising, you just might feel like you’ve won the lottery, either metapohorically or quite literally, since the second house rules finances. All of your needs are met and it seems as though the universe is conspiring in your favor. The only caution is to avoid gambling or taking financial risks since Jupiter tends to make us go overboard. If you’ve ever considered investing in stocks or cryptocurrency, this is the sign you needed.

Pisces Sun, Moon, and Rising (Pisces First House)
Card: Ten of Cups — Element: Water
With Jupiter in your sign, this is your moment. Anything you want can happen. Jupiter makes its way through the zodiac every twelve years, so don’t let it pass by. Overall you should be feeling abundant, accomplished, and like you’ve finally concluded a really long cycle. What do you want to see happen next?

The Ten of Cups is a card of completion and emotional satisfaction. This is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The bees represent sweetness and a return to innocence and imagination. The two women in the card are weaving their future and in total control of the outcome. The cat playing is there to remember to have fun along the way.

For Pisces rising, all eyes are on you. You’ll be getting attention left, right and center, and should expect to have more admirers than usual.This transit is a chance to learn about self-love, independence, and give your body the appreciation it deserves. On the flip side, there’s also a risk of overindulging in foods and alcohol, so make sure to keep everything in moderation. Consider getting a makeover, new wardrobe, and don’t be afraid to stand out!

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