Love is Our Resistance: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus 2022

by Karina Lafayette – April 25th 2022

Photo by Bailey Mahon on Unsplash

Nobody likes change, that isn’t a secret, but change is the only constant that exists, so that isn’t a secret either. Here we are, standing on the precipice of what has been, what could be, and what’s yet to come. Like the Fool card, we’re being asked to shed our old identities and take a leap of faith.

Eclipse season happens yearly, and the way to know there is an Eclipse is when the lunar cycle lines up with the current nodal placements. Since January of this year, there’s been a battle between fear and love, secrecy and authenticity, jealousy and harmony, thanks to the North Node in Taurus. On the New Moon of April 30th, will you choose love, harmony and authenticity, or will you continue on the path of fear, jealousy and secrecy, preferring to keep your motives in the shadows? Remember, you can lie to others, but you can never, ever lie to yourself- at least, not for long.

When the North Node is in Taurus, the focus is on building a solid foundation based on comfort, ease and security. So much of what is associated with Taurus is considered boring and yet funny enough, Taurus is the sign of our basic needs. To understand this sign better, I like looking at Maslow’s Hierarchy. Yet sadly, one glimpse at the world as is right now, and it’s obvious that a majority of people don’t have those needs met. A lot of us have to choose between career and relationships, or between paying for rent and paying for groceries. These things we’re so quick to call “boring”, where would we be without them? Nowhere.

Anytime the North Node is in a specific sign, this area of life is called to our attention, almost like a sore thumb. It’s obvious that we’ve failed each other- greed is rampant, and fame can make you get away with just about anything, unless you’re Will Smith. Then people will gladly push you aside for the littlest mistake. Even on social media, if you’re pushing the agenda of fear, people notice you, but oh, if you speak from a place of realness- well that, that is just too much for them. Taurus doesn’t like fear mongering. This is a sign that looks at fear straight in the face and laughs. They have better things to do than give weight to petty gossip and whether all eyes are on them. Taurus works in order to thrive and experience stability; it doesn’t work for power like the South Node in Scorpio does.

Scorpio yearns for power, and at its lowest vibration, may even go so far as to sacrifice relationships and their reputation to get it. They don’t care what they have to do, as long as they get what they want. There’s also going to be a lot of healing needed surrounding our relationship to money. The idea that money “can’t buy happiness” is often endorsed by the very people who make it harder for others to thrive. We keep getting told that if you’re not enjoying the struggle, that there’s something wrong with you, and that struggling is necessary, as if we’re all masochistic. When you think about it, how much of that is actually true? Food, clothes, and a roof require money, how could it not buy happiness? Unless the system makes it so money isn’t needed for these things, people have the right to want money.

On economic terms, there may be a market crash or some type of boycott surrounding major corporations close to this New Moon, like we’re already seeing with the decline in Netflix subscribers after the company hiked subscription prices. With Taurus being the sign of Gaia, there could even be a natural disaster or something related to oil mining that has people up in arms for the environment. Regardless of what happens near the New Moon, these kinds of protests should become rampant as the North Node inches closer to Uranus this summer.

Photo taken by Karina at an environmental protest in 2019

In recent years, we’ve seen a thirst for power, even with loved ones. To the point of wanting to colonize Mars, even though we’ve done enough damage here on Earth. Why do we deserve Mars? Power is one of the reasons Millennials are so calculated and selfish when it comes to dating. We care more about getting what we want than actually caring for each other. And while the truth hurts, we’re talking about the generation that was born with Pluto in Scorpio. The generation that grew up during the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and right in the middle of the AIDS crisis. The generation that dealt with helicopter parents and sloppy politicians. We’re also the first generation in a while to not be able to buy our own homes as adults- unless mommy and daddy are rich of course. So who could blame us for being so power driven, when no one taught us how to love?

Good thing this Eclipse is going to turn that desire for power to dust.

The purpose of a Solar Eclipse is to highlight the road less travelled. It shows the possibilities, what could happen if only you tried something different. The North Node in Taurus, no matter how demure and sophisticated it seems, will get its way, even if it has to drag you to where you need to go. Prince Harry has North Node in Taurus conjunct his moon in the fifth house, and he was heavily criticized for choosing his family over the Royal Family. From an astrological perspective, he was really just stepping into his purpose. He had no choice, because it’s obvious that how he grew up was toxic. What toxic situation or habit do you need to leave behind to find stronger purpose and stability? Harry was always meant to be the outcast, otherwise the Royals wouldn’t have changed. They would’ve simply repeated the same toxic cycle with his wife Megan like they did with Princess Diana, and the other wives before who didn’t get a choice.

During the New Moon, consider investing in the stock market, start a new business, write a book, go on a date, make love, book an appointment at the spa, play in nature, get the finest foods, and tell anyone who doesn’t like these things to eat cake. For those running a business, make sure your prices reflect your work, don’t let others guilt you into lowering fees just because they can’t afford it. Some astrologers also warn against setting intentions during an Eclipse, but the best advice I can give is follow your intuition. Don’t let others dictate your spiritual practice. I would be more cautious in signing contracts since we’re technically within Mercury shadow, before it goes retrograde later in May.

A major theme not just for this Eclipse, but for the whole of 2022 is love. 2022 adds up to number 6, and in numerology, 6 represents Venus. The fact that this year takes place with the North Node in Taurus, the home sign of Venus, is no coincidence. But when it comes to love, it isn’t about just romance or love between family, it’s about being and expressing love 24/7, and letting go of feeling like you need to prove yourself to be worthy. It’s also about letting go of the need to control others. Let people do what they want. As if that isn’t enough, the New Moon also makes a sextile to Mars, the planet of action, highlighting a need for balance between the masculine and feminine. And for the cherry on top, Venus is also making a lovely conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune. Anything that Jupiter touches, expands. While the future is calling and it seems a little scary, we’re being asked to dream, to visualize just what happens next. Most of all, be extra careful of what you wish for, because all of it and more may be served to you- on the finest silverware you could imagine. But to get it, you’ll have to take the road less travelled.

To find out how to make the best of this New Moon Eclipse, read below for your sun, moon and rising. Deck Used is The Pagan Tarot. Also check out my article North Node in Taurus: It’s Showtime!

Karina xo

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Aries Sun, Moon and Rising (Taurus Second House)
Card: The Lovers  — Element: Air

Two paths are in front of you, and it’s time to follow your heart. The Lovers card shows up when we’re torn between two decisions. In the card, the woman is shown a path that leads to a group of people who are a part of the same coven as her. They’re all dressed the same so perhaps this choice doesn’t give chance for much individuality. On the other path is an older woman with a child and a house. This second path could reflect something you’ve been doing since childhood, or it could reflect a dream you’ve had. Take time to yourself before making this decision. Don’t let anyone rush it for you.

For Aries rising, this New Moon Solar Eclipse is in your second house of values and resources. You could be jumping on a new project or work opportunity, but aren’t quite sure as to whether it will bring you the results you’re looking for. The universe asks not to keep all your eggs in one basket, since there is still a bit of uncertainty. Perhaps you’ve been offered to work in a new company and the team is figuring out what the future of that company entails. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to share your ideas as this could be your ticket to financial stability.

Taurus Sun, Moon and Rising (Taurus First House)
Card: Six of Pentacles  — Element: Earth

You’ve been working diligently on your goals and perhaps taking on more than is good for one person, it’s time to step out in the world and find like-minded folks to help bring your dreams to life. The Six of Pentacles shows up when we’re being asked to let others be of service, or to look at how we can be of service to someone. In the card, we see a man handing the woman a folder, and right above to the left there is a picture of someone receiving a pentacle, symbolizing the abundance this offer can bring. The offer can come in the form of a new job, career, a chance to have talents made visible to others, or even a small gig. Be careful not to underestimate how much this can benefit you. Your future self will be thankful.

For Taurus rising, this New Moon Solar Eclipse is in your first house of self. You may be feeling lost or unsure about what message you want to convey, especially as Uranus continues to help you shed old ways of being. You feel compelled to step out and connect more but don’t know whether others will be receptive. This isn’t the time to ask for permission, do what feels right and just know that the people who care about you will eventually catch up. You may have to go out alone a bit more, but trust that this gives you the power to define the person you want to become.

Gemini Sun, Moon and Rising (Taurus Twelfth House)
Card: Seven of Swords  — Element: Air

Keep track of text receipts, conversations, and make sure you’ve been honest, because someone in your surroundings may not be who they say they are. The Seven of Swords shows up when there is possible deceit or unclear intentions. Since swords represent air, this is most likely related to a person who is all talk, or who spreads gossip. Here in the card, there is a woman who seems to be look on toward an area with people, and in the middle are a bunch of swords there. This could be a person who wants what you have, but on the flip side, it could also be you finding something you’ve been looking for. However, there could also be the possibility that you’re the one who doesn’t trust easily, in which case this card advises to be vigilant, but don’t push away people who may in fact actually have good intentions.

For Gemini rising, this New Moon Solar Eclipse is in your twelfth house of dreams and unconscious. If you wake up in the middle of the night, don’t be surprised to find random inspiration on your mind. Your dreams are quite vivid right now, and anything that seems peculiar should be written down, as they could be prophetic in some way. Otherwise you may dream of a future romantic partner before meeting them, or there could very well be a person already in your life whom your connected with in a spiritual way. Make sure to write down your dreams or at least, take time to start making your goals a reality. Start a vision board, write a bucket list- anything to set the next chapter of your life in motion.

Cancer Sun, Moon and Rising (Taurus Eleventh House)
Card:  The Tower — Element: Fire

A situation may have fallen apart recently, which could be connected to what was mentioned for your sign in the Full Moon in Libra reading. The Tower shows up when we’re in a period of uncertainty and instability. There is something you’re walking away from, perhaps a relationship or job situation that involved a lot of overindulgence and codependency. Now that you’re seeing this situation with fresh eyes, you’ve realized it isn’t for you and are moving onto something better. If that isn’t the case, then this card is asking you to look at your life. What vices do you give into that may be standing in the way of your success? What can you do to build a more solid foundation?

For Cancer rising, this New Moon Solar Eclipse is in your eleventh house of friends and social circles. You’re no longer resonating with people in your surroundings and find that it’s time to spread your wings. A new group or people that you could meet either at work, the gym, or even at an event, will have you longing for healthier, more stable connections. Another way this could manifest is taking on a leadership role in your community. You might begin doing social work or volunteering for a special cause. Either way, there is no shame in outgrowing situations. It’s a part of life.

Leo Sun, Moon and Rising (Taurus Tenth House)
Card: Six of Wands — Element: Fire

Slowly but surely you’re finding your community and the people you can count on. The Six of Wands shows up when we’re feeling appreciated and recognized for our talents. Here we see someone in a white robe who’s being cheered on by her peers for overcoming a hurdle or reaching a milestone. It may have seemed impossible at first, and yet here you are. If this isn’t the case, then it’s time to take a look at your relationships and really acknowledge those who’ve been by your side from the beginning. Remember the ones who matter will be there through thick and thin.

For Leo rising, this New Moon Solar Eclipse is in your tenth house of reputation and career. The spotlight is on you as you leap into a new direction. There could be a promotion, fame, or a premiere for something you worked on awhile ago. It might make you a bit uncomfortable to get this kind of attention, but it is well deserved nonetheless. With the North Node in your tenth house since January, this could also be a time where you decide to move or travel for work.

Virgo Sun, Moon and Rising (Taurus Ninth House)
Card: Novice of Cups (Knight of Cups)  — Element: Water

There are feelings stirring in your heart and sooner or later, you’ll need to talk them out. The Knight of Cups shows up when we’re able to use our charms and kindness in order to connect with others. It doesn’t have to represent relationships, but it absolutely can. Whether there is someone on your mind, or you simply find yourself longing to connect with others in a more meaningful way, it’s a time to open your heart to the possibilities. If there isn’t anyone special in your life, channel those emotions either into art, poetry, or a creative project.

For Virgo rising, this New Moon Solar Eclipse is in your ninth house of travel and expansion. You may be feeling anxious about the future, as you take a chance on something you haven’t done before. There is a comfort zone that is holding you back from success and you’re finding courage to step away from it, even if it’s just baby steps for now. You may feel the urge to let your hair down and focus on the lighter side of life. These past few years have brought you a lot of experience and you’re now ready to share those experiences with the world, either by becoming a teacher, hosting a seminar, podcast, or even publishing your first novel.

Libra Sun, Moon and Rising (Taurus Eighth House)
Card: Ten of Cups  — Element: Water

A celebration of some kind is in the works and you’re feeling excited and overwhelmed with support. The Ten of Cups shows up when we’ve reached an emotional peek and feel at one with our people and the universe. Some of you may be expecting or have a person in your life who is expecting, so the people gathered in the card could represent a baby shower. It could also represent a party you’ll be attending, where you may meet the person who you will eventually have a family with. If however, you aren’t resonating with this, then take it as a sign to continue moving in whatever direction you’ve been moving in, because you’re about to be very happy.

For Libra rising, this New Moon Solar Eclipse is in your eighth house of intimacy and finances. You could be receiving an inheritance or finally reaching the verdict of a court settlement, that’s likely to go in your favor. Perhaps in the past there was some type of betrayal and now you’re finally seeing justice being served. You may also be realizing how in the past you had a tendency of being overly trustworthy, or were caught in a situation where someone had an unfair advantage over you, and now you’re stepping into your power.

Scorpio Sun, Moon and Rising (Taurus Seventh House)
Card: Novice of Swords (Knight of Swords)  — Element: Air

There is an idea you have in mind, but you’re still on a learning curve and may not be sure whether you’re ready to put it into action. The Knight of Swords shows up when we’re ready to speak our piece and launch forward. He comes across as a bit immature but nonetheless, this is someone with a lot to say. You have ambition but can be a bit rash in your decision-making. With the right discipline and motivation, trust that things will work out, even if you make a few mistakes along the way. CEO Richard Branson once said, “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes- then learn how to do it later!”

For Scorpio rising, this New Moon Solar Eclipse is in your seventh house of partnerships. This is the start of a new chapter in your one-on-one connections. You know that in the past you may have judged people unfairly without giving them a chance, and now there is an opportunity to show more vulnerability. Perhaps with a Taurus descendant, you attract people who are very stubborn, but instead of judging or wanting to control them, you need to become a bit more patient. If there was a disagreement with someone in the past and you want to make amends, what can you do to better understand this person? What habits do you need to let go of to improve how you relate to people?

Sagittarius Sun, Moon and Rising (Taurus Sixth House)
Card: Seven of Wands  — Element: Fire

The odds seem stacked against you, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing what your heart is guiding you toward. The Seven of Wands shows up when we’re being faced with adversity and need to stand our ground. In the card we see a woman with a mentor or friend, and in her hand she has a wand, while six other wands are stacked against her. Despite many failures, the person next to her has faith she will succeed. To you, they could represent a guardian angel or even a teacher, if you’re considering going back to school. Whatever the case may be, don’t let past failures stop you from trying something new.

For Sagittarius rising, this New Moon Solar Eclipse is in your sixth house of work and daily habits. You feel compelled to try something new, be it a health regime, a job, or even a project. You’re motivation and enthusiasm opens doors after a period of frustration and stagnancy. Perhaps recently you’ve left behind a group of people, or had health issues that were preventing you from moving forward. The next six months mark a time where you’re able to gather the energy needed to change your lifestyle for the better. While things still feel a bit uncertain, trust that stability is within reach.

Capricorn Sun, Moon and Rising (Taurus Fifth House)
Card: Seven of Cups  — Element: Water

Distractions seem to be at every turn and it’s up to you to tune them out and focus on what matters. The Seven of Cups shows up when we’re overwhelmed with options, and it marks a time of needing to look within, because you already know what to do. There are a lot of paths you can take, but only one will be most fulfilling. You could also be overwhelmed with a lot of different creative ideas and this has your energies a bit scattered. Having many goals is a good thing, but for right now, focus on what you can do and mark it off your checklist. The rest can wait for later. Your ability to manifest is extremely powerful at this time, so make a vision board.

For Capricorn rising, this New Moon Solar Eclipse is in your fifth house of fun and romance. Like lightning, you could meet someone that you didn’t expect to connect with in a meaningful way, or you could come across the chance to turn your creative skills into a small business. This period also has you becoming more introverted since you’re no longer interested in flaky connections and are looking for people who bring more joy into your life. While wanting love is a good thing, it’s just as important to find ways that you can bring greater love to yourself. Everything you want to attract, is already inside your heart. As a sidenote, this New Moon is also very fertile for you, so if you don’t want babies right now, make sure to wrap it up!

Aquarius Sun, Moon and Rising (Taurus Fourth House)
Card: Death  — Element: Water

You may be going through an emotional transition right now that has you feeling a bit lost and seeing things with a new perspective. The Death card shows up when transformation or a different course of action is called for. If you look closely at the card, there is a woman who is about to be initiated into a coven, and in front of her is a monarch, symbolizing her future self. In order to make sense of things, it would help to take up meditation, yoga, tarot, or astrology, since all of these can be used as tools to refine your intuition. Not everything that happens has to make sense, as long as your heart is in it.

For Aquarius rising, this New Moon Solar Eclipse is in your fourth house of home and family. You could be moving or making renovations to your current home. Someone in your family may be making a pregnancy announcement, or you could decide to throw a house party with people you haven’t seen in a long time. If this isn’t the case, there is a need to make your home life more exciting. You’re bored of the usual and want to shake things up, just be sure that any changes you make have the potential to last long-term, otherwise you may be unhappy with the results.

Pisces Sun, Moon and Rising (Taurus Third House)
Card: Elemental of Swords  (Page of Swords) — Element: Air

It’s like you’re waking up from a long slumber and now have motivation to get things done. The Page of Swords shows up when we’re feeling inspired and a restless. You could have an itch to try something new but have a million and one thing to tend to. Perhaps there is a book you want to write or a business you want to get started on, or you’re simply feeling the urge to hit up someone you haven’t heard from in awhile. Make sure that you stay true to your word, otherwise you could find yourself promising more than you can actually deliver right now.

For Pisces rising, this New Moon Solar Eclipse is in your third house of community and communications. Words are your weapon, but are you using them to your advantage, or just saying things for the sake of it? Make sure to think before you speak since words have the power to manifest things into existence. Sometimes a bit of unhinged energy is needed to actually set a better path into motion. You may be thinking of going back to school or starting an online platform. There could be change in your community, like new neighbors or a local election.

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Karina xo

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