Make Way for the Diva: New Moon in Leo 2022

Karina Lafayette – July 28th 2022

What are you willing to stand for, even if it means risking to stand alone? What is something you’re so passionate about, that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks? There comes a time, where we need to ask ourselves whether we’re really living in our truth, or just pandering to other people’s approval. Having friends and admirers is great, but that means very little if it comes at the expense of your integrity.

This Leo New Moon dares us to go farther than we’ve gone before. In the beginning of The Lion King, when Simba is sitting with his father Mufasa, he asks him what’s the place beyond where the sunlight shines. Mufasa warns him boldly that he shouldn’t ever go there, which of course like any other young cub, makes Simba tempted to do the exact opposite. In The Little Mermaid, Ariel sings an entire song all about what it would be like to visit the human world. Despite living her life in a beautiful sea where everything is provided for, she knows there’s so much more out there. In Aladdin, it’s only when Jasmine climbs onto the magic carpet with him, that they get to experience what love is all about. Courage is at the heart of Leo, and if there’s one thing you’ve always dreamed of doing but were too afraid too, you may be called to finally give in.

It doesn’t matter if it’s as simple as asking your crush out on a date, or as scary as quitting your job, every step forward is progress needed. When a lion has been caged for too long, it becomes restless, aggressive and depressed. Sometimes rocking the boat is necessary in order to get the job done. Although there may be challenges ahead, with Mercury opposing Saturn and square Mars, and we may clash with those who have other plans, but the risk is worth taking. The current traditions aren’t working anymore, and Saturn as the teacher repeats a lesson till we learn from it. It’s about time we graduate.

Beyond this New Moon, we’re also close to the exact conjunction between Mars, the North Node and Uranus, which happens on Sunday. I’ve mentioned this conjunction a few times and it’s worth mentioning again, because there really is no turning back now. We’re so close to a breakthrough, even if things look dark. Ruled by the sun, Leo isn’t afraid to shine a light on what matters, and often change comes once we decide to step into our power.

When immature, Leo cares too much what people think and does things for clout just to make everyone love them, but when Leo really lives in their truth without giving any f#cks, this is where magic happens. Acts of courage aren’t only necessary to grow, they’re necessary to reminds each other of what we’re capable of. We’re capable of success, we’re capable of being provided for, of being loved, and of having a world where everyone’s needs are met. Remember, before Roger Bannister, no one believed a human could run a mile in four minutes, but he proved that with a little motivation, faith, and passion, anything is possible.

To get a glimpse into how to make the best of this New Moon, read below for your sun, moon and rising signs. Deck used is the Steampunk Tarot.

Karina xo 

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Aries Sun, Moon and Rising (Leo Fifth House)
Card: Nine of Swords – Element: Air

You have a lot on your mind these days. The Nine of Swords shows up when we’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the world around us. Communication is highlighted. You may be dealing with throat issues, so take time to write, meditate and reach out to someone you trust. This isn’t a period where you need to do everything alone. Make time for things that bring you joy, not everything has to be serious. If you’ve been suspicious about someone or a situation, trust your intuition and walk away. Whatever happens in darkness will eventually come to light.

For Aries rising, this new moon is in your fifth house of creativity, romance and playfulness. This is a period where you get to express more of your inner child, be it through buying a new wardrobe, going to shows, festivals, or sharing good times with a loved one. You may also consider having children, or be starting a new career that involves working with children. If you meet someone, this person will be fun, artistic, and maybe even famous.

Taurus Sun, Moon and Rising (Leo Fourth House)
Card: Knight of Cups – Element: Water

You’re in your feelings and find that you have a lot of passion to offer the world right now. The Knight of Cups shows up when we’re in a place where we feel comfortable sharing our deepest emotions with others, but may still lack the maturity to really express those feelings in a productive way. Channel these energies into creative pursuits, as you’ll find success will come when you express your most authentic self. If you’re single, this is a good period to meet new people and let your hair down.

For Taurus rising, this new moon is in your fourth house of ancestry, home and family. You’re beginning to realize that home life as of late has been rather dull and serious, so you’re looking to tap into fun childhood memories that will allow you to revive those energies. Organize a night in with family and friends, and just sit back in front of a good movie. Better yet, redecorate your home with some bright flashy colors, floral patterns, and glitter, and bring out your collection of plush toys. You’ll find the more you brighten the mood at home, the more your everyday life improves.

Gemini Sun, Moon and Rising (Leo Third House)
Card: The Star – Element: Air

What’s one thing you’ve always wanted? The Star card shows up when we’re in a position to bring a bit more magic and luster to our world. If you look closely, the woman in the card is wearing a long dress and holds a spark of light in her hand, reflecting that what you’re asking for is already within reach. All it takes is a little patience and a little faith.

For Gemini rising, this new moon is in your third house of community, learning and communications. You have a lot to say and need an outlet for those words. If you get the opportunity, call up a friend who you haven’t heard from in a long time. If you’re itching creatively, consider starting up a blog, podcast, or a book, or even just some journaling to yourself.

Cancer Sun, Moon and Rising (Leo Second House)
Card: Two of Wands – Element: Fire

You have two different choices to make and know that regardless of what you choose, everything is changing from here. The Two of Wands shows up when the path that we’re on simply isn’t working. It may be bittersweet, but it’s time to say goodbye to something. Whether it’s a job, a relationship, or even a circle of friends, sometimes growth happens in those uncomfortable moments. Trust that the journey ahead is much brighter and clearer than where you’re at right now.

For Cancer rising, this new moon is in your second house of values and resources. You’ve come to realize that the things that used to matter to you, just aren’t as important. And some things that you never considered are starting to take center stage. You’ve also been questioning whether your values actually help or hinder your growth, or if it’s time to see things in a new light. Something recently came up that shook your perspective on a situation and while it was difficult to accept at first, it was very much needed.

Leo Sun, Moon and Rising (Leo First House)
Card: Six of Swords – Element: Air

Calmer waters are ahead after a period of emotional turmoil and uncertainty. The Six of Swords shows up when we’re in the middle of overcoming a difficult situation that’s been nagging at us. You could’ve been overworked or have been dealing with people who tried to undermine your integrity. If this isn’t the case, it could be that you finally got clarity in regards to your emotional health and are learning to express certain emotions without shame and guilt. Whatever it is, rest assured that this next chapter is a lot better.

For Leo rising, this new moon is in your first house of self. The person you’re growing into is very different than who you thought, but you’re looking to like this new you. There’s a possibility that you had to separate yourself from a group of people, perhaps due to you not being vulnerable enough, or because one of you made false assumptions. While a part of you wishes things could go back to the way they were, rather than worrying about the past, take this as a lesson. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of understanding, understanding of others as much as understanding of your own needs.

Virgo Sun, Moon and Rising (Leo Twelfth House)
Card: Queen of Wands – Element: Fire

If there’s one sign currently entering their villain era, it’s you. The Queen of Wands shows up when we’re in a powerful position to assert our individuality in the world. Fierce but diplomatic, she chooses her actions wisely even in the face of conflict. You know who you are and what you want and won’t stand for anything getting in your way. It took a long time to gain this sense of self-confidence but it’s well earned. Ignore the haters and learn to stand in your truth, people are watching.

For Virgo rising, this new moon is in your twelfth house of dreams, imagination and subconscious. You’re remembering a dream or goal from childhood and are finally ready to bring that to life. You may be having a lot of dreams, so place close attention, as important guidance is on the way. Take time to listen to music or watch a movie, as there’s a message there. If you feel drawn to a particular person or opportunity, that’s a sign this is for you. Be cautious but do take a chance.

Libra Sun, Moon and Rising (Leo Eleventh House)
Card: Nine of Wands – Fire

You’re feeling overworked and burdened in some way. The Nine of Wands shows up when we’re almost at the finish line in regards to a certain goal. You may feel pressured to get things done, but in order to succeed, it’s important to find balance between, rest, work and play. Anyone who tries to pressure you into working faster can have a seat, as you don’t need that type of energy in your life. Whatever needs to be done can wait till tomorrow.

For Libra rising, this new moon is in your eleventh house of friends, social circles and networking. The universe is shining a light on who your friends are and it’s a beautiful thing to witness. If someone makes you feel judged or negative in some way, they aren’t for you. The right people will allow you to shine as your best and boldest self. Even if it means doings things solo for awhile, it’s better to know who’s in your corner and who’s just there to benefit from what you have to offer.

Scorpio Sun Moon and Rising (Leo Tenth House)
Card: Nine of Cups – Element: Water

The world is your oyster, and you have plenty of opportunities ahead. The Nine of Cups shows up when we’re being offered the chance to make a wish. However, think carefully, as you may be disappointed if you decide to ask for the first shiny thing (or person) that’s made available. Not all that glitters is gold and just because you have something available, it doesn’t mean you should say yes. It’s important to consider what matters most: instant gratification or long-term happiness.

For Scorpio rising, this new moon is in your tenth house of reputation and legacy. The spotlight is on you, so make sure that your actions are intact. They say all publicity is good publicity, but for Scorpio rising that isn’t always true. While you love the attention, you occasionally allow it to get in the way of deeper relationships, and it would be wise to use your reputation in order to do something good for your community. This could involve paying it forward to someone who helped you in the past, doing charity, or even being there for those in need.

Sagittarius, Sun, Moon and Rising (Leo Ninth House)
Card: Nine of Pentacles – Element: Earth

Slowly but surely you’re learning how to ensure that all your needs are met. The Nine of Pentacles shows up when we’re feeling independent, comfortable and safe in the world. However, if you don’t feel this right now, it would be a good idea to seek out opportunities that allow you greater comfort in your life. The universe is listening, all you have to do is meet it halfway.

For Sagittarius rising, this new moon is in your ninth house of adventure, teaching and expansion. You’re restless and in need of something new. This is a good period to book a trip, have an adventure, or plan a move across the country. If you’re an artist or performer, you may be hired for a gig overseas. If you aren’t an artist, you may meet someone from abroad who’s here on a business trip.

Capricorn Sun, Moon and Rising (Leo Eighth House)
Card: The Magician – Element: Air

You have all the tools and skills to make anything happen. The Magician shows up when we’re aligned with the material and physical and just in the right position to begin a new chapter. Don’t underestimate the power of your words or actions, because they can move mountains. If a genie granted you three wishes, what would they be? Because it really is all possible, and deep down, you already know this. If you’ve been secretly working on something, expect success to come your way sooner than expected.

For Capricorn rising, this new moon is in your eighth house of intimacy, secrets and finances. If you’re looking for a way to increase your finances, the best way to make that happen is by enjoying yourself. A current job that’s weighing you down may be blocking your blessings, so you may want to reconsider whether this is something you want to do long-term. In love, you feel especially connected to your partner and may want to experiment more in the bedroom. However, if you’re single, you may meet a person at a party, event or movie theater.

Aquarius Sun, Moon and Rising (Leo Seventh House)
Card: Two of Swords – Element: Air

You’re at odds in regards to a situation. The Two of Swords shows up when we’re feeling stuck and know a choice needs to be made in order to move forward. Ask for clarity from the universe and let the answers come to you. Don’t rush this. If the choice is related to people, make sure to choose someone who accepts your inner weirdo, rather than going for the person who can also satisfy you temporarily. You deserve someone who makes you feel comfortable and accepted. Another possibility is you’re learning to find balance between different areas of life, and have slowly been figuring out what needs your attention.

For Aquarius rising, this new moon is in your seventh house of partnerships. Better times are ahead in your love life and you may be taking a relationship to the next level. This could involve getting married or moving in together. If this isn’t the case, you could meet someone who you see as a potential life partner. Since you tend to attract partners who are dramatic and possessive, make sure to get to know this person before jumping into something too quickly. If you’re not looking for anyone, this is a great time to have a party with friends and live your best life.

Pisces Sun, Moon and Rising (Leo Sixth House)
Card: Seven of Swords – Element: Air

You may be feeling a sense of confusion or betrayal these days. The Seven of Swords shows up when we’ve been misled due to not having all the answers. Someone turned out to not be who you thought, or you were in a situation where certain people had to walk away, leaving you to pick up the pieces. If this isn’t the case, it could be there was a misunderstanding with a friend and now you’re wondering if you should give up or fix things. Take time to think about the situation and really ask yourself who belongs in your life and who doesn’t. Beginnings are often disguised as endings.

For Pisces rising, this new moon is in your sixth house of work and routine. This is a period to focus on transforming your everyday life so it aligns closer to what brings you joy. Anything that feels burdensome or that you dread doing, is there to show you that change is needed. For example, when in a job situation that feels a bit dull at times, try suggesting fun group activities that can be done with colleagues, or help spruce up the workplace with plants and small décor. Better yet, you may even want to consider a career in music, modelling or get offered to work at a media outlet.


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