North Node in Taurus: It’s Showtime!

From January 18th 2022 to July 17th 2023, it’s time to live life to the fullest

Karina Lafayette – January 2022

Renee Zellweger in the movie adaptation of ‘Chicago’

Do you remember your lines? What about all those things you’ve been learning? That new language you picked up? Those new recipes? The home business? Ready to show off all that?

More important. Do you remember what love is? What beauty is?

Well, like it or not, you’re ready. 2021 was a dress rehearsal. You’ve learned. You’ve analyzed. You were someone’s understudy. Maybe someone taught you how to be a better partner, parent, teacher, creator, or business leader. But from January 18th 2022 to July 17th 2023, honey, you’re gonna have to prove it. The house that Gemini rules, where the North Node has been, shows the area where you’re an eternal student- always learning and improving. Taurus however, this is the area where things come naturally to you, and how you’re most likely to make money. You’ve learned to talk the talk, now onto the catwalk.

Despite being a fixed earth sign that loves creature comforts and routine, Taurus is highly goal-oriented. Slow and steady wins the race, but the race can’t be won unless you look far enough. While the North Node is in Taurus, we’ll be learning to break our goals down into smaller steps, rather than looking at the whole staircase. This sign really doesn’t care about drowning in emotions like a Scorpio, it just wants to get shit done.

And speaking of shit, this means taking bad situations and alchemizing them into something positive. Rags to riches stories like What’s Love Got to Do with It, the story of Tina Turner, are very much the Taurus narrative. Tina herself came from poverty and abuse, and after overcoming adversity, including her marriage to Ike Turner, managed to become one of the most successful female artists in music. While Tina isn’t a Taurus, as a Leo rising, it is her Midheaven. However, unlike the Midheaven, which shows our reputation, the North Node is much deeper, and can even feel unobtainable, since it’s an area that needs to be developed. Luckily, bulls are so fucking stubborn, that somehow even if what they say they’re going to do sounds impossible, somehow they make it happen. Whether it takes five years or fifty years, they just don’t quit. This means that throughout the next year and a half, while the North Node is in this sign, a lot of us will finally be overcoming our own adversities.

When I think of the North Node in Taurus, I think of Roxie Hart in Chicago, and her desire to become a Broadway star, even after murdering the man she was having an affair with for promising her an audition. And funny enough, Renee Zellweger is a Taurus, which makes absolute sense. Even when her character knows she might do time, she stubbornly held onto her goal. While how she goes about her mistakes is questionable, there’s no doubt the power dynamic with Fred had her at a disadvantage. It was either be a good housewife and let her husband take the lead (Scorpio South Node) or create a more stable life for herself (Taurus North Node).

And then you have the sultry Velma Kelly, who we all secretly want to be- at least I do. She’s confident, oozes sex appeal and oh yeah, she murdered her husband and sister after finding them in the “spread eagle” position. 😉 But did that stop her from putting on a memorable act during the first scene? Absolutely not, which is basically the lesson to expect for not only 2022, but well into next year. Minus the murders, obviously.Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zellweger as Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart in ‘Chicago’

How the South Node in Scorpio Will Bring Major Transformation

Wherever Scorpio resides in your chart, this is an area where people have more often than not tried to gain power over you. For example, a person with Scorpio in the third house may often be interrupted by others, or get accused of lying anytime they call someone out. They also attract gossip and slander or come from a community that had a lot of dark secrets. Scorpio in the seventh often deals with partners trying to control them as well as stalkers. This sign rules sex, scandal, psychosis, death, rebirth, and stamina, all themes recurring in the story-line of Chicago. The scene where Roxie’s lawyer claims “we both reached for the gun” is obviously a joke, to poke fun at the fact that it was a he-said-she-said situation. Her word against his, and even though Roxie was in the wrong for killing him, that doesn’t change the fact he still lied to get her into bed- but that doesn’t make her the victim either. “The devil made me do it” is low vibrational Scorpio energy that likes to dismiss accountability, so while you can like her, Roxie is still guilty as heck.

And scandal there will be. Even before the nodes changed, James Franco admitted he has an alleged “sex addiction” after being accused of getting involved with acting students. Meanwhile, Khloe Kardhashian’s baby daddy Tristan Thomson admitted to secretly fathering a child with another woman. And then there is Prince Andrew who was finally stripped of his royal title due to being involved in the circle of sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Finally, this morning Jamie Lynn Spears is readin private texts between her and Britney, on a podcast. Eek. Scorpio shade much? Maybe some other celebrity had an affair; Maybe Woody Allen will finally be proven guilty of what we’ve all known him to be guilty for; Secrets around the Church being exposed, absolutely- not that the Church has a shortage of secrets it’s been keeping; These are all things to expect with the South Node in Scorpio. So it also means likely more information surrounding First Nations residential schools, and hopefully the names of nuns and priests who harmed those children, will finally be exposed. While Scorpio is the sign of what’s done in the shadows, Taurus likes to bring things to light. Earth signs are into the physical and tangible. As a Taurus myself, I can attest that we absolutely hate secrets or any shady behavior , which is why we get accused of being possessive in relationships. It’s not that we are possessive, we just need to know where we stand, so mystery and playing hard to get doesn’t work with us. A lot of people either don’t know what they want, or go about getting what they want in ways that are manipulative. The idea of the friendzone is very much a Scorpio issue, because often when Scorpios are in love, instead of admitting it, they’ll do everything to get close to someone without actually admitting their feelings. I even had a Scorpio moon dude deny his feelings once I figured it out. Now he’ll never be with me. I mean, really, even Katy Perry is a triple Scorpio and one of her most popular songs is “The One that Got Away”.

The Taurus North Node and What You Bring to the Table

Welp. Taurus might have a hard time letting go too, but do you really think we believe in the one that got away? Yes and no. For us, even if we’ll always have feelings for someone, we just rather focus on what’s here, in the material realm.

Whatever house the North Node transits, this area of life is the main theme for the next year and a half, but it’ll require effort. Since the North Node is a point of destiny, there could be missed opportunities if not at the right place at the right time. Go where the money is and go where you feel most at ease. It may sound simple but it’s not. Since the pandemic for the past two years, ease has been scarce. There’s been a lot of loss, and so much pain. Taurus comes along to soothe and provide gentleness, kindness and a knowledge that everything really will work out.

Aries Rising: Taurus second house/Scorpio eighth house

Taurus Rising: Taurus first house/Scorpio seventh house

Gemini Rising: Taurus twelfth house/Scorpio sixth house

Cancer Rising: Taurus eleventh house/Scorpio fifth house

Leo Rising: Taurus tenth house/Scorpio fourth house

Virgo Rising: Taurus ninth house/Scorpio third house

Libra Rising: Taurus eighth house/Scorpio second house

Scorpio Rising: Taurus seventh house/Scorpio first house

Sagittarius Rising: Taurus sixth house/Scorpio twelfth house

Capricorn Rising: Taurus fifth house/Scorpio eleventh house

Aquarius Rising: Taurus fourth house/Scorpio tenth house

Pisces Rising: Taurus third house/Scorpio ninth house

What If I have Taurus North Node in my Birth Chart?

For those of you who have the North Node in Taurus, this is your nodal return. During the nodal return, you really become aware of what you want in life and feel determined to get it, but you can also feel stuck with a vision that no longer fits. Usually right before this transit, a major event happens that makes you question your purpose. Growing up, you could have come from an important family or a family that went about sneaky ways to be successful. Sex and money were everywhere. Your relatives might have lacked boundaries or were very controlling. Sexual abuse may have been possible. If not, they could have issues with grudges and letting go. They could’ve made you feel like you weren’t able to take care of yourself, and said that the outside world wasn’t a safe place, or were very religious. Your main purpose is to stop letting others make decisions for you, and take charge of your material world. Prince Harry is a perfect real life example of someone with North Node in Taurus. He faced accusations of betraying his father and not caring about his legacy, after choosing to live a life beyond royalty. Now he’s not only building a family, but he’s also finding other ways to support himself independently, something Taurus needs. It also helps that his moon is in Taurus, meaning that growing up he probably wasn’t really allowed to express his feelings either. In this lifetime, Harry will be developing financial independence and emotional independence.

What if I have Scorpio North Node in my Chart?

For those of you who have the North Node in Scorpio, you’ll be a bit annoyed with the rest of the world for the next little while, I’m not gonna lie. Why? Well, Taurus is your South Node, so you’re already a bit of an expert here, making this your nodal opposition. During my nodal opposition, I realized how many people were out of touch with their feelings, and as someone with South Node in Cancer, I’ve always been very emotional and sensitive. You probably were raised the Taurus way. Your childhood was very comfortable, you always got what you wanted and weren’t taught how to share with others. Even if there were challenges, you still landed on your feet. People in your family need their routine and are deeply afraid of change. A lot of them could be artistic or work in finances. The nodes in fixed signs are probably some of the hardest, just because it usually takes a crisis to move forward in the direction you want. As opposed to learning how to work the way everyone else will, you’re aiming to go more with the flow and focus on the darker, grittier aspects of the universe. You’re learning to manifest abundance rather than put in so much attention on material things. The problem with the nodal opposition is during this transit, there’s a temptation to go back to the past, either the city you grew up in, an ex, or toxic family, only to find that isn’t want you want anymore. You could also fall into old habits of codependency and remember things better than they actually were.

Pluto in Scorpio Generation Rising Up

That’s because while the North Node is in Taurus, the South Node will be transiting our Pluto. The nodes over a planet only lasts about a month, so it’ll be different depending on your age. Either way, the Pluto in Scorpio Generation, born between 1983 and 1995 (exact dates here), was raised to fear everything. Fear love. Fear success. Fear of other countries. Fear of the future. Fear of vulnerability. And with good reason. Some of our earliest memories involve loss. The passing of Princess Diana. 9-11. The War on Terror. The War on Drugs. The SARS Pandemic. The London subway attacks. Amy Winehouse. Whitney. MJ. Everyday a new scandal, a new loss, and a new form of pessimism. We’ve been raised on survival mode thanks to a system that’s about to collapse within itself and taught not to dream of a future. Face it, the environment, the government, and more are in need of a makeover. The best part is slander on behalf of the media that’s made us look lazy and entitled, when most of us are doing our best.

One thing that is for sure with this transit, Millennials won’t be the same after 2023.

What does Scorpio represent? Death, fear, secrets, the Church, and using sex as a way to intimacy. Our generation also loves the dark side, so it isn’t a wonder that we grew up reading Twilight, Harry Potter, and the Vampire Diaries, not to mention how we make everything about sex. It’s no wonder most of us were emo in high school. It’s so much safer to watch monsters fall in love, but what happens when a Millennial falls in love? We run. We ghost. We pretend not to care despite knowing feelings like a best friend. We feign apathy despite also being a generation to advocate for the LGBTQ+, the environment, and marching for our rights. South Node transit Pluto could show breaking from family, growing past certain fears, remembering past trauma, or letting go of grudges. With North Node in Taurus, there is no where we can run anymore, because Taurus is about building, creating, cuddling, and thriving. No more survival mode, Millennials. It’s time to live.

Luckily during this time, more people might be ditching dating apps in favor of meeting love interests in public spaces, pandemic or not. Keeping people at an emotional distance, that’s another Scorpio issue. And if meeting in person isn’t possible, expect long conversations on the phone. Taurus rules the throat and the voice, and despite being introverted, conversation matter with loved ones. This is also a sign that enjoys singing, makeup, acting, writing, modelling, and just about any skill with the body, so a new wave of talent will be stepping into the spotlight. If you’re an artist, it’s literally your time to shine. Any creative careers starting around now are expected to have lasting success and lasting financial success, because Taurus is after all, a fixed earth sign. Earth loves money. Make sure that whatever you focus on, is something you want permanently. The last time we had the North Node in this sign was in 2003–2004, when I first started writing poetry and thinking about a career as an artist. So yes, writing is a very permanent part of my life, because I still do it.

The only catch is that wanting the spotlight really can’t be all about the money or security. Remember, the goal isn’t to abandon the South Node completely, it’s more about shedding the negative aspects of that sign. A lot of songs, movies and pieces of art being created during the next eighteen months will bring up issues related to the psyche, sexuality, abuse, spirituality, and to some, art will become a form of healing.

For those with personal planets in Taurus (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury), get ready to level up. The planet that will meet with the North Node is getting a makeover.

Understanding Taurus as an Energy

Katharine Hepburn, a fellow Taurus, seen here with Cary Grant (Libra), James Stewart (Taurus) and John Howard (Aries) in the classic romcom ‘The Philadelphia Story’

Though we may not admit it, we do like the attention. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, art, sensuality and everything that makes the world go round. It’s not for nothing that Earth Day is Celebrated during Taurus season. Despite being shy, these are people who are comfortable with their body and aren’t afraid to show off a little self-love. Even when clothed, they know what looks good on them. One thing Katharine Hepburn was known for was being the first actress to wear pants onscreen. Even Lizzo and fashion icon superstar Cher are both Taurus!

During the Great Depression, the last time Uranus was in Taurus, one thing that brought people joy was going to the movies, because performers knew art could heal people. It’s not a coincidence that Hollywood’s Golden Age started throughout this period. So once the North Node makes a conjunction to Uranus in August 2022, the art world could very well see glimpses of another Golden Age. Because Uranus is the planet of revolution, a lot of artists making waves will be unconventional and change the way we look at things. It doesn’t matter if it’s through recording albums, making movies, writing a book, or even just a blog, new ideas need to be heard. The fact that we still have Saturn in Aquarius, makes art innovation even more favorable.

Money, Money, Money

Where finances are concerned, one issue with the collective is the idea that “money is the root of all evil” (Scorpio). On the flip side, we need money in order to thrive (Taurus). Issues surrounding making money and wanting it do need to go. What the North Node in Taurus is here to teach is that money is really just an energy like everything, it’s a resource that everyone is allowed to, and should be treated that way. Until we live in a society that doesn’t need money, wanting it shouldn’t be a bad thing. Some issues are systemic, but other times we tend to get in our way when it comes to success. We feel like we don’t deserve that raise, or deserve to feel safe, or that things are supposed to be hard.

On a surface level, Taurus is very basic. This sign is a manifestation of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. The first set of needs being food, shelter, clothes, safety, and health, followed by relationships, friends and love, till eventual self-actualization. The fact that so many people struggle to access these things that are literal necessities, shows that we have our priorities upside down. You really can’t expect someone to contribute to the economy or think about their career, unless all of the above are met. The North Node in Taurus will be pushing people to work on building a foundation for themselves, not just for their own success, but for that of generations to come. Transit wise, the South Node in Scorpio wants you to fear the future. It wants you to keep living in survival mode and thinking the worst of people and loves the apocalyptic fantasy. It wants you to be jealous. To keep ghosting and being emotionally distant. It wants you to be in that Four of Pentacles energy, with your hand protecting your heart. Taurus is rational. It knows full well that people can be a certain way, but the desire for love is so strong, that risk is only temporary. It’s not for nothing that we’re ruled by Venus. Love is a basic need, just like food. We need to remember how to love. Above all that, we need to remember that it’s okay to feel safe, and it’s even more okay to want success and a life of goodness.

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Karina xo

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