Reclaiming Venus and All Things Beautiful: Uranus Meets the North Node

June 16th 2022 – Karina Lafayette

Photo by Emily Underworld from Unsplash

Our relationship to food, beauty, art, love, and money has been a flawed one for a very long time. On the one hand, these are all the things we deem necessary for survival. If you don’t have food, your body withers into a shell of what it used to be. If you don’t have beauty, your life can be okay, but it will lack luster and excitement. If you don’t have art, your life can lack in emotion, critical thinking and joy. If you don’t have love, your life will go on, but it will feel very drawn out and tormented. If you don’t have money, you can have everything else, but only to an extent where eventually you might even have to do a few illegal things in order to really get by.

When you look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, all these things are known as our basic needs, and yet for whatever reason, we live in a world that teaches us we’re only worthy of getting our needs met if we follow the rules, behave like good girls and boys (or somewhere in between), vote every few years, and are willing to sacrifice a good amount of our time to jobs we hate for bosses who see us as disposable. Food has become processed and in order to have access to organic, vegan, or at least, moderately healthy food, you need to be wealthy. Beauty is only seen as beauty if it’s in one neatly packaged, thin, idealistic way. If someone cares about their looks, it’s vanity. If they don’t, something is wrong with them. Art is only art when it’s accessible to the masses, and don’t dare pay artists what they deserve- their work is only a hobby or charity work. Love only matters if you’re willing to be a certain type of partner, and even at that, someone can take it away the moment you make even the tiniest mistake. Money, apparently it’s the root of all evil, or at least that’s what they say because that’s how it’s most typically used.

Because if you really, really think about it, when money is used for good things like investing in housing and education, it’s actually pretty amazing. And I know, that’s the most Taurus thing you’ll hear me say, but trust me. As long as we have a system that relies on money, it’ll continue to be pretty darn important.

As a Taurus Millenial, I’ve always seen the world as upside down, in a similar way as the actual Upside Down from Stranger Things, and a lot of that has to do with Taurus being opposite to Pluto in Scorpio, the planet that defines our generation. Not that I’m better than anyone, but the fact that things like food, beauty, etc., are deemed as “basic” and trivial, when they’re at the foundation of everyone’s existence, should be a huge red flag, right? In astrology, Venus is the planet associated with all of these and over the years, she’s been reduced to a jealous, possessive lover in mythology. If you want to look at her from Libra’s perspective, she’s also associated with justice, socializing and fairness, but since we’re looking at Venus through Taurus, that’s a topic for another day. The reason Venus is reduced to jealousy and possessiveness, is because we want to make basic needs only for a select few of very special people, or people who like to think of themselves as special. From childhood, we’re taught that as long as you work hard, you can have everything, and that mindset only works for people who already have their basic needs met through a loving, somewhat privileged family. The rest of us have to fight. That’s just the reality. Every law of attraction book in the world won’t change our system. You can’t think “positive” when you’re hungry. Even science shows this.

Typically, anything associated with Venus is seen as laziness, entitlement, and even selfishness, but if someone decides to pay it forward once they finally become comfortable and provided for, then they’re far from selfish. They’re just learning what their self-worth is. It’s another reason why artists in general are underpaid, because we don’t see how much value our work really has (and I say this as writer/filmmaker). We only see the final product, not the hours of practice and learning that goes into making movies, music, paintings, or anything like it. Same with relationships. Most people won’t bother investing in more than a few conversations with someone, because we don’t think they can actually have something worth sharing. We only see their body. As long as we continue taking Venus for granted, everyone will continue to suffer.

It’s also the reason why Earth Day takes place during Taurus season. And interestingly, the Earth gets treated pretty badly. Being the first of the earth signs makes Taurus the one in the zodiac to set the foundation for every other sign that follows. Aries is the spark, and Taurus is the soil. Without either, the other ten signs wouldn’t thrive. You need motivation in order to set things into motion, but for a seed to really be planted, it requires time, patience, and care, all things that Taurus is good at. Since May 2018, Uranus, the planet of change and innovation has been in the sign of Taurus, which sounds a bit like a joke if you think about it, since the main thing Taurus typically doesn’t like is change. But I can tell you from experience, that even though we take our sweet time, to the point of driving a Cancer to lose their patience, when a Taurus finally decides on something, nothing can stop us.

This is where the good news comes in. Later this summer, in early July till the end of August, Uranus is going to meet with the North Node, with an exact conjunction July 31st- something that rarely happens. I’m not one of those astrologers that overhypes certain transits, since people tend to have too much expectations from them, but because this involves Uranus and the nodes, it’s inevitable. Whether it’s a market crash, or even something related to banks- you can expect something along those lines, and you don’t have to be an astrologer to see it coming. I mean, all you have to do is watch the news. Wherever the North Node is at, these areas of life become more important, but there can’t be progress unless we leave something behind, which is shown through the South Node in Scorpio. In other words, we have to let go of the need to dominate, overpower, and micromanage people. We also have to let go of our need to keep secrets or even gatekeep knowledge- so that man behind the curtain, he’s got to go.

As far as sensuality is concerned, that also has to be reclaimed. I used to take issue with wearing makeup or dressing nice in public because how uncomfortable it is to be stared at. Now, I don’t care so much. Most people take issue with sensuality because they know they can’t control it, so they want to make others feel bad for simply being themselves.

And sadly, in order for things to change, some of us need to be as unsatisfied as possible. If there is still something we get out of a situation, we may stay around. This is why toxic relationships and bad job positions last longer than they need to. And it’s not necessarily out of selfishness, but more because we simply needs a strong foundation to feel stable, even if it’s an illusion of stability. I actually hate this fact, but even when you look at previous political movements, how many of them were started as soon as things got a bit bad? No, things had to get worse for people to react, and I wish I could say the opposite. In a way, a lot of this has to do with Saturn running the show, since Saturn has to do with structures, discipline, and of course, rules. And we all know how slow Saturn loves to be- things happen with Saturn on his terms, no one else’s, especially Venus.

People will talk about Taurus being slow. The reality is that we move forward when we want to. Saturn on the other hand, can freeze time altogether, and this isn’t any hate toward Saturn, it’s just the facts. If the people in charge right now truly wanted to, they would make Universal Basic Income available. They would build enough houses, and no one would be complaining about baby formula shortages or even the cost of food- food would be available already. It’s not to say that everything should be free and that everyone should quit their jobs and never work again, but why should we suffer for all things Venus anyway? Venus is about pleasure. She loves when people get their needs met and doesn’t see you as less than for not fitting into a certain type of box. Whatever you need in life, really can be yours, the rest of the world just doesn’t know it yet. Eat the cake if you want to.

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