Seven Myths Astrologers Have You Believing In

Wednesday Journal Entry, Week 28

February 22nd 2023 – Karina Lafayette

There’s no doubt astrology has become more mainstream over the years. With it has been an influx of people eager to learn more, which has also made it so that a lot of knowledge is watered-down and condensed, easy for consumption. Because of this, there’s rarely an explanation as to why something should be interpreted the way it is, not to mention the often black-or-white perspective we have toward certain signs and planets. When personal bias is confused with how energy actually works, it can make learning downright confusing. Eventually if something is repeated often enough, it gets mistaken for the real thing. So without further ado, here are seven myths some astrologers might have you believing in.

  1. Jupiter is Always Lucky

Ah, good ol’ Jupiter. People acknowledge that it’s the planet of luck, but rarely acknowledge it as also being the planet of expansion. And when it comes to the expansion part, it isn’t very selective either. This is why there’s a caution to not overdo it whenever we have a Jupiter transit. It’s easy to get so caught up in the good vibes, that we don’t see when we’re getting carried away. For example, during my Jupiter return, I moved to Toronto and met my ex. Our relationship was a bit of a whirlwind and by the time I realized just how toxic things were between us, it took everything to break it off.

This is also the reason why people with heavy Jupiter or Sagittarius placements can sometimes struggle with addiction and excessive partying. Their carefree attitude makes them unable to see potential risks, so the way they learn about moderation is the hard way, hence why the Temperance card in the tarot represents Sagittarius.

The good news is that the antithesis to Jupiter is Saturn, so anytime you need more balance in your life, look at where Saturn and Jupiter are in your chart.


2. You Have to Abandon Your South Node

I already wrote an article about this recently, since the nodes are a huge part of my life. In my chart, I have the moon conjunct North Node, which means that from an early age, I was more focused on my goals than other kids. Because of this, my South Node was ignored, and what astrologers don’t tell you is that anytime this happens, it can cause burn out and frustration. The reason being that your South Node represents your roots, your comfort zone and what you’re naturally good it, so like it or not, it’s the area of life that gives you stability. The only time this becomes a problem is if you lean too much into your comfort zone and don’t allow room for growth- and that’s where the North Node comes in.


3. Venus is a Man’s Ideal Partner/Mars is a Woman’s Ideal Partner

Here’s another favorite topic of mine, because we don’t talk enough how some outdated views limit astrology in general. The idea that a man’s Venus is his ideal partner, while a woman’s Mars is her ideal partner, can only be true if everyone was straight. Since we’re not in that kind of world, let’s not act as if everyone wants the same thing, okay?

Whatever your orientation, Venus in our birth chart actually represents what we find beautiful in a partner, as well as our love language(s). Mars on the other hand is about two things: sex and temperament.


4. The Saturn Return is the Worst Transit Ever

Okay, sure, the Saturn Return is pretty challenging for most people, but with the way astrologers talk about it, you’d assume it causes hell on Earth. Depending on other transits and your birth chart as a whole, it can actually be a very rewarding time. It may still create some roadblocks along the way, but a lot of difficulties faced around the Saturn Return are usually from authority figures, older people, and past issues we still haven’t really worked on. Think of the Saturn Return as a job promotion: on the one hand you have more perks, but on the other, you also have more responsibilities.

Just to prove my point further, during his Saturn Return, Phil Collins was going through a divorce, which led him to record one of his most famous songs, “In the Air Tonight”. He managed to take something difficult and turned it into a milestone in his career. Meanwhile Lizzo recorded “Truth Hurts” during hers, the song that made her the artist she is today.


5. Difficult Aspects in Your Chart Are Your Own Fault

This assumption is a reason why I don’t associate with everyone who’s into astrology, because there’s also an obsession with karmic astrology, where some claim that we chose our chart before birth. In other words, everything that happens to you is supposedly your fault. While I’m skeptical as to whether we choose our chart/life path, I don’t approve of the way this belief is used to victim-blame anyone who’s experienced things like abuse and poverty. As much as astrology might show a lot of a person’s life, it’s also a good idea to stay grounded in the real world and keep in mind that these issues were also caused by the system we live in, and not because anyone would choose this.

Something else to remember is that difficult aspects in a birth chart like squares, oppositions, etc, can show up in different ways. Meaning that just because someone has a certain kind of chart, it doesn’t mean they’re destined to struggle forever. Ultimately the future is in their hands.


6. Some Signs Are More Intuitive/Empathic Than Others

As a Taurus with a ton of earth placements, I find it cute when people assume that earth signs are less intuitive or lack empathy, as if my main element isn’t the same one named after this planet we live on. Greta Thumberg herself is a triple Capricorn and is mainly known as an environmental activist. Even Martin Luther King Jr. was a Capricorn with Taurus rising. Of course, his moon was in Pisces but that’s not the point, the point is you can’t measure a person’s level of awareness with their sun sign, you really need the whole chart. Nevermind the fact that a lot of air signs I know are cry babies, but let’s not embarrass them like that.

The only reason we think earth signs lack empathy or that air signs can’t express emotions, is because we assume that in order to feel, you need to be dramatic and weeping all over the place. While earth and air signs contain their emotions better, they still very much have the potential to navigate their internal world as well as any other sign.


7. Mercury Retrograde Wreaks Havoc Each Time

The point of Mercury retrograde is re-evaluation, re-thinking, and re-doing. Mercury retrograde will rarely cause havoc on something unless that something was already a problem in the first place. As much as this transit can be a confusing time, filled with misunderstandings and delays, it can also bring about insight and ideas we otherwise would’ve never considered.

The other great thing about Mercury retrograde is it gives the opportunity to finish goals that were put on hold, or to reconnect with people who maybe we weren’t ready for when we first met them. It really can be a blessing in disguise.

In the grand scheme of things, what’s important to understand is there are multiple ways to interpret the same astrological placement. Astrology as a whole is a combination of knowledge and intuition, it was never meant to be contained.

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