The Day Juno Divorced Jupiter: Uranus-Juno Transit 2023

Wednesday Journal Entry, Week 34

April 12th 2023 – Karina Lafayette

Trigger Warning for sexual assault mention**

Rain poured down from the heavens as something least expected took place amongst the gods. It’s a shock for everyone, but in all honesty, it’s been a long time coming.

Maybe it was due to the fact that Jupiter was known for his many indiscretions in his marriage. Maybe it was due to his affair with Io, where he turned himself into a cloud in order to be intimate with her without Juno knowing. Maybe it was due to him transforming into a white bull to lure Europa and kidnap her. Maybe it was due to him conceiving Mercury with the goddess Maia. Maybe it was due to him conceiving Venus with Dione, or his conception of Proserpine (Persephone) with his sister Ceres, or that time he raped Metis, which resulted in the birth of Minerva. Maybe it was also due to that time Jupiter disguised himself as a way to trick Juno into approaching him after she refused his advances.

He then assaulted her, and it was decided amongst the other gods that they were to marry, to protect her honor.

Juno endured much hardship during her marriage. She was labelled as jealous and possessive amongst the Romans, and later on, when she became a star in the sky, astrologers took it upon themselves to ignore the brushstrokes of her union to Jupiter, by claiming her solely as the minor planet of marriage and commitment. As if all else she’s accomplished, such as her work in law, politics, and protector of the state, meant nothing. Although to be fair, the Romans had a different perspective on marriage- they married more for business reasons than for love, so it was common to have an open marriage. Still, the fact that Juno is made to look “crazy” for having reasonable concerns about her husband’s behavior, says a lot about their views on women.

As children of Saturn, Juno and Jupiter have always been opposites. Yes, you read that correctly, believe it or not, Juno and Jupiter are twins. However, it’s been clear that from young, Juno took after her father. Everyone is terrified of him, due to his reputation as the bringer of wrath and justice unto those who reject his lessons. In the heavens, Saturn has an intimidating reputation. After all, he did devour his own children when learning that eventually, one of them might take his place, but he didn’t get to all of them. He swallowed Neptune, Pluto, Ceres, Juno and Vesta. Their mother, Ops, when realizing she was pregnant with Jupiter, hid him as a baby, and then fed a stone wrapped in children’s clothes to Saturn, that way he couldn’t get to him. Ops raised Jupiter in secret, till he was finally old enough to fight back.

Years later, Jupiter forced Saturn to throw up his siblings and they banded together to banish their father as king. The universe was later divided into three parts, the Heavens, the Sea, and the Underworld. The Sea belonging to Neptune and the Underworld belonging to none other than Pluto. While the Heavens were given to Jupiter, who was now also King of the Gods. Jupiter took Saturn’s place on the throne.

If I had my interpretation, I would imagine that years into their marriage, Juno began to grow resentful for her lack of recognition in keeping things in order. After all, it was her that taught humans how to truly love and relate to one another. She didn’t understand how despite there being a time when humans considered her as their Queen of the Gods, she didn’t feel like one. She felt as if her entire existence was about pleasing Jupiter and keeping him in check. She almost felt as if to an extent, it was him who took credit for some of her own work. And when looking at how she shows up in people’s birth charts, who can blame her for being angry? From Angelina Jolie to Malala Yousafzai, many notable human rights activists have a strong relationship to Juno, and some of them don’t even know it.

Since April 5th, lasting till the 15th, Juno has been making a conjunction to Uranus, the planet of rebellion and innovation, and of course the part of the myth where she divorces Jupiter is all me. The Ancient Romans would’ve never told their story that way. Remember, they’re the ones who praised her for staying. Although with this transit, it does feel like she’s getting a divorce- I mean, just look at all the upheaval in so many relationships right now. In astrology, the influence of Uranus can feel sudden, especially if it involves a situation where someone who’s otherwise introverted decides to take center stage. Most of the time, its effect is sudden, but not surprising. We saw this recently with the news about guitarist Mick Mars filing a lawsuit against his own band, Motley Crue, which I’ll look into later. In many instances, Uranus gives people courage that they never had before and paired with Juno, this impacts how we relate to others.

For different people, Uranus-Juno can show a spontaneous meeting with a potential lover or business partner. If a current relationship is doing well, it can even show people eloping or getting engaged, like we just saw with Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi, who just so happens to have the Uranus-Juno transit on his sun. It can even indicate making new friends or expanding a local community. Uranus encourages new ideas and adventures, while Juno encourages give and take. On the downside, this transit can also indicate break-ups, or people resigning from positions of power, but since neither are malefic, the influence is usually amicable. Recently, there was the announcement of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn, who broke up last month. While the news feels sudden, in her own chart, we see that Taylor is having her Juno opposition (natal Juno being in the sign of Scorpio), which indicates that her views on relationships are at a bit of a crossroads. Meanwhile, Pluto just started transiting her Venus, so there’s no doubt that this area of her life is undergoing huge transformation.

In personal transits, relationships often end or begin around the Juno opposition, as well as the Juno return. While the Juno return can mark a new chapter in someone’s love life, such as meeting a new partner, marrying a current partner, or just one’s views changing in general, the Juno opposition is a tricky period. There can be situations where people mirror your insecurities in relationships, and make you question whether you’re heading in the right direction. Sometimes, there’s even the possibility of learning about boundaries and harsh lessons through other people.

When Juno’s influence takes place in synastry, however, the Juno person is usually there as the “rock”, the one who holds everything together, and if the connection is reciprocated, that can be a good thing. However, sometimes the Juno person is encouraged to be humble, to be comfortable with standing in the shadows because apparently only arrogant people ask to be seen and appreciated. Meanwhile, those who have strong Jupiter in the chart, since Jupiter is associated with expansion, take no issue in their pride, and see no virtue in standing in the dark. Anytime there’s a grandmother who’s the last to sit down at the dinner table while feeding her family, that’s Juno. Anytime we see someone speaking up with their voice shaking in regards to trauma they spent years being silent about, that’s Juno. If someone walks away from twenty years of marriage after feeling like they’ve given too much, that’s Juno.

And right now while typing, Juno is near my natal Mercury, and I can feel her, as if she’s begging me to type as a way, any way, to have her own voice heard for once. My interest in Juno really began last month. People with Juno in Aries like me, especially the women, endure a lot in relationships, not just romantic, but relationships all around. We get accused of being bossy and learn a lot about standing up.

My own mother was extremely controlling of me, and no surprise, her Juno sits on my Pluto, but the God of the Underworld wouldn’t let her have a say here. Eventually, I went no contact and began to assert myself. It took awhile. I had to experience many situations where people tried to control me before really learning to put my foot down.

The irony is that in some ways, my ex-husband was similar to Jupiter in mythology. Not only did he insist on us getting married as early as possible, but even as the relationship slowly eroded, he insisted that we stay together no matter how toxic it got. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have a relationship that lasts forever, but it has to be for the right reasons. Aries needs respect, fun and a partnership of equal give and take, and when the other person is too controlling or greedy, you can best believe trouble is stirred.

At her lowest, Juno in general represents contempt, control, and submission- this is often the person who stays throughout the affairs (like Hillary Clinton), and every situation you can think of, but at her highest, she’s the woman scorned. She represents boundaries and self-respect. She’s the one who will drag her keys against the side of your car after being cheated on, like in that Carrie Underwood song. She’ll go on live television, and tell everyone the importance of self-love and not taking shit from anyone who devalues you. She’ll most likely even be your lawyer.

When activated by a transit, this shows a period in your life where you’re being called to stand up for yourself. Although, it can be rather slow-moving since remember, in the Heavens, Juno is still daddy’s little girl. Even though Saturn tried to devour her at one time, he’s had a huge influence in Juno’s role as a Queen. In many ways, Juno and Saturn have similar roles. Both represent commitment and loyalty, and both of them show where we have a strong desire for equality. The main difference is that while Saturn oversees relationships along with work and everyday career, Juno is personal, since she reflects how we interact in one-on-one situations.

A celebrity who reflects Juno’s myth is musician Mick Mars. After he decided to retire from playing live with Motley Crue due to health issues, he was offered a severance package and a 5% stake in their 2023 tour, despite being a part of the band for over forty years, which led to him taking the band to court. At one point, he was accused of misplaying notes and members allegedly gaslit Mick to make him believe that he was no longer fit to be performing.

All this despite the fact that, according to Mick’s rep, other members allegedly had their own instruments pre-recorded for their most recent tour. While there’s no doubt that his health has limitations, you can’t say that he hasn’t done his job. He still offered to play limited shows and on recordings. Mick has always been the backbone of the band and is one of the reasons they managed to hold together for that long, like the grounded Taurus he is. The best part, while all this was released to the media, Juno and Uranus were both conjunct to the degree on his natal Mars, at 17 degrees, also in the sign of Taurus.

To get even deeper into how life can imitate mythology, Nikki is a Sagittarius Sun, while Tommy is a Sagittarius moon, Sagittarius being the sign ruled by Jupiter. Even though Sagittarius is all about freedom and learning, they sometimes can be so controlling and preachy, that they refuse to see any perception outside of their own, which is likely another reason Mick is angry in the first place. People who are Jupiter dominant have a lot of potential for success, but it’s their refusal to admit when they’re wrong that gets in the way of their relationships. The other members would rather keep control of the band, than admit the fact that with Mick out, the show won’t be the same. Being a Taurus Sun, it takes a lot to shake him.

This news about Mick vs. Motley Crue being so shocking and sudden, mostly comes from Uranus’ influence. When it comes to the justice aspect and Mick demanding the respect that he deserves however, that’s all Juno. Juno might be loyal, but remember, she is still the woman- or in this case, musician- scorned. Band member Nikki Sixx also has Taurus Mars conjunct Black Moon Lilith at 17 degrees, which indicates that behind the scenes, he and Mick have a bit of a love-hate relationship. Lilith is the rebel, and in a birth chart, sometimes she can cause someone to behave in irrational ways to get what they want. Juno on the other hand, likes to play fair and wants to see others win, but when she bites, you feel the sting. Mars conjunct Mars in synastry can be tricky, especially in a fixed sign, because even though Mick is much more relaxed than Nikki, both of them have similar temperaments, which means that neither wants to back down in a fight.

Beyond this, Mick has his natal Juno on Nikki’s Part of Fortune and near drummer Tommy Lee’s moon in Sagittarius, reflecting how his loyalty to the band is what brought so much of their success. Not only that, Mick’s sun and Mars are also square Vince’s Aquarius sun, showing that a lot of compromise was required to even make it this far. Knowing the band’s history and all of their ups and downs, if it wasn’t for Juno and Saturn’s influence, it’s doubtful that they would have played together for as long as they did. However, since Mick is the Juno person here, it makes sense that he is the one who felt taken for granted.

And if you think that’s the last we’ll see in terms of this scandal, think again. 2023 is set to be a major year for relationships, especially when Venus goes retrograde in Leo this summer, right before the North Node goes into Aries in late July. Considering how many decades of experience Mick has had in the music industry, we should also expect a documentary or least of all, an autobiography.

This is what happens when the Juno person simply goes along for the ride or die role- at some point, they will start feeling resentment. That’s when all the years of pain and anger get unleashed and we see the darker, nastier traits that Juno is so infamous for. Because even though the anger might be justified, due to all the years of silence, people around might not see anything wrong in the situation. If the relationship is reciprocal and fair, it can feel almost like a fairytale. It’s the only way to be.

It’s safe to say that if I had started learning more about Juno and her influence in my life sooner, I would’ve started making better choices in my relationships a long time ago. The fact that she’s labeled a “jealous bride” by Ancient Romans, and the “wife” by astrologers, speaks volumes on our own toxic perception of relationships. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, she is so much more, and some relationships, even in many of our favorite bands, would be nothing without these values. It takes courage to put effort into a relationship in order to see it blossom through all the challenges, but there are moments in life where the best thing we can do is walk away from the people who don’t see the true beauty in what we give. We deserve to be loved and appreciated. And for that Mick Mars is an example.


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