“You Have the Answer”: New Moon in Gemini 2022

Karina Lafayette – May 30th 2022

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Do you believe everything you see, or do you ask questions? Do you trust what people say, or do you look a little deeper? Sometimes, there’s just something “off” about a person. You can’t put your finger on it. Often, they’ll come across as very friendly and warm, and might even be really popular in some way. But no matter how you try, there’s an inner voice that tells you to keep your distance. I’m sure we’ve all felt it at one point or another. Call it butterflies, intuition, a hunch, or vibes- it is what it is.

Of course, because it’s easier to see the best in people, we ignore those feelings in favor of fitting in. If you spoke up about a person knowing what you knew without being able to explain it, that could make you an outcast, right? And people enjoy having their communities, since humans are after all, social creatures. Sometimes it’s best to call it as you feel it, then to keep quiet so the same vicious cycle keeps happening. Words can hurt, deceive, and sway, but they can also heal, depending on how you use them. In the sign of Gemini, the new moon wants us to ask questions, seek clarity, and only accept the truth, regardless of how pretty certain appearances are. Take for example the amount of seduction that goes into selling something, be it a product, an idea, or even a religion or spiritual belief. It’s really easy to be swayed by good vocabulary and the right kind of imagery, but is it even the truth?

I see a lot of times on social media where people become overly dependent on tarot or other types of divination. While tarot does offer insight, sometimes we get so caught up on outside messages for things we already have the answer to. And a lot of the times, we forget that everyone is learning, regardless of how far ahead they might seem.

Gemini is the student first, master second, but since it’s a sign of duality, it’s always both. Gemini can teach others what they know, while cultivating learning experiences through the people they share their insight with. This is why they’re the teenager of the zodiac. Rather than claiming to be the best at anything, they want to take in as much as possible, and treat life like a buffet. Although Gemini can be forgetful and even a bit lost at times, their internal compass doesn’t stray them far from where they need to be, much like their opposite sign, Sagittarius. Philosopher Socrates once said, “I only know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” This is the mindset the world needs.

Beyond learning, Gemini also rules communications, so for anyone who’s a writer or musician, this is a great time to put your work out there, since people are more likely to be receptive, especially when it comes to projects you’ve already worked on, like we’ve seen with the song “Running Up that Hill” by Kate Bush that’s climbing the charts again thanks to Stranger Things. The song is over thirty years old- how’s that for a retrograde?

So give yourself permission to try something new, even while understanding that you might not be fully prepared or even have all the knowledge at your fingertips. Because Mercury is still retrograde till June 3rd, if there was any point where you had a missed opportunity to speak your truth, or if there’s an idea that needs to be revisited, now is the time to do so. The new moon is amplified by a lovely sextile to Mars, which is currently conjunct Jupiter. Mars the warrior planet is in its home sign of Aries, where he’ll be at till July 5th, and wants displays of courage, even if there’s a risk of some type of opposition. Like we’ve seen in recent weeks, history doesn’t repeat itself, we repeat history. Focus on what you can do to make progress, even if it’s something small, and most of all, be there for the people in your life. This idea of “pulling yourself up by the bootstraps”, that isn’t the way to be anymore. Strong communities are the way forward.

To find out how to make the best of this new moon, read below for your sun, moon and rising. Deck used is Everyday Tarot.

Karina xo

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Aries Sun, Moon and Rising (Gemini Third House)
Card: Three of Wands – Element: Fire
There’s somewhere you’ve got to be and you’ve been putting this off for a while. Perhaps you haven’t been happy in a job, relationship, or your family has been imposing values on you that you don’t agree with. The Three of Wands shows up when we’re ready to make a move. A part of you knows that you’re meant for different. In the card, there is a woman looking out to the sea, where there are several boats floating along. At what point will you make your way toward those boats? There’s an opportunity coming in that could ask you to make a few changes, don’t be afraid to say “yes”.

For Aries rising, this new moon is in your third house of communications, community and siblings. A conversation could come up that revisits a past disagreement or a misunderstanding. You’re reevaluating where you stand with the people in your life and may need to make readjustments in relationships. It’s okay to outgrow connections and focus on what’s best for yourself. If you’re a writer or work in customer service, there’s a chance to connect with clients that will help bring you to the next level of success.

Taurus Sun, Moon and Rising (Gemini Second House)
Card: The Hermit – Element: Earth
If you feel yourself withdrawing from certain people or situations in order to protect your inner peace, you have every right to do so. The Hermit shows up when it’s time to focus on our intuition. Perhaps there are some people who feel a bit draining or needy anytime you interact, or you have to set stronger boundaries. Prioritize your own needs and understand the value of not accepting every offer that comes your way. For example, if someone asks you on a date but you don’t feel any pull to get to know them better, it’s okay to decline politely. Sometimes the universe brings smaller opportunities in order to raise our standards.

For Taurus rising, this new moon is in your second house of values and resources. You’re rethinking your priorities and may notice that at times you have a tendency of focusing on too many things at once. Luckily, you can get back to basics. What’s one thing you really enjoyed doing growing up that you haven’t done in a while? There’s a message in that. For some, an offer can come along to work for a newspaper, record label, or even in an office, and while you may underestimate it at first, this position will be much more rewarding that you imagine.

Gemini Sun, Moon and Rising (Gemini First House)
Card: Strength – Element: Fire
Any challenges that have been in your way are only temporary. The Strength card shows up when it’s time to take action on a situation that seems less than desirable to deal with. There could be something that you’ve struggled with for awhile and a person comes along to assist you, but you’re hesitant to trust them due to past betrayal. Believe it or not, things can be different this time. One significance about this card is that it typically shows a lion in distress, and the woman is a type of warrior or guardian angel there to protect it. No matter the situation, you are protected and things will resolve much quicker than you think.

For Gemini rising, this new moon is in your first house of self. A new chapter awaits you but only if you really reach for it. All eyes are on you as you step in to reinvent who you are in some way. You might shock people by returning to a career you swore you’d never go back to, or you may do something as drastic as move to another country. With Gemini, we never really know, and is that such a bad thing? When was the last time you did something spontaneous anyway?

Cancer Sun, Moon and Rising (Gemini Twelfth House)
Card: The Lovers – Element: Air
You have a choice to make. Whether it’s between two people, places, or even two different paths, you can’t keep teetering on the edge just for the sake of it. At some point, that decision is going to be made for you. The Lovers card shows up when there is a need to find balance again. Perhaps a relationship needs to end or you’re realizing that your idea of commitment doesn’t fit into what you have now. It’s important to talk to your partner and be sure that the two of you are on the same page. If this isn’t the case, then perhaps you’re torn with two opposite sides of your personality, and it’s time to accept the truth. For some, this could have to do with your sexual orientation. For others, this could have to do with a goal that you’ve been wanting to pursue but had to keep on hold till the time was right.

For Cancer rising, this new moon is in your twelfth house of unconscious, dreams and hidden enemies. Don’t be surprised if you’ve had trouble sleeping for the past few days due to something that’s been on your mind. You could be thinking about a conversation with someone, or worry that there is a person speaking about you behind your back. Instead of letting this get to you, reach out instead. You’d be amazed the clarity that comes from actually asking questions. If this isn’t the case, then perhaps there is an idea you have and you’re finally ready to make that a reality.

Leo Sun, Moon and Rising (Gemini Eleventh House)
Card: The Chariot – Element: Water
Things are about to move forward very fast. Any doubts or obstacles that have been in your way are finally starting to clear, and you’re seeing the path in front of you. The Chariot shows up when the universe is guiding us to the next level, whatever that may be for you. If you look at the card, there are two black and white sphinxes, which suggests that you’re coming into balance with parts of yourself that were at odds in the past. Perhaps there is a career you’re passionate about but you feel like it’s too ambitious or that it’s made for certain people. Unless you actually take a chance, you won’t know what could happen.

For Leo rising, this new moon is in your eleventh house of social circles, friends and networking. Despite being a very social sign, you likely have a tendency of wanting to do everything on your own, and you already know that isn’t working for you. You need to reach out to people who may be able to help you with a goal. It may seem scary at first to be this vulnerable, but by doing so, you’re allowing others to both see and connect with the real you, and that’s beautiful.

Virgo Sun, Moon and Rising (Gemini Tenth House)
Card: Ace of Swords – Element: Air
You’re ready to speak your truth and you don’t care one bit who likes it or not. In the past, you may have let others decide your path or felt the need to do what others were doing because it was trendy, but not anymore. When you look at the card, there is a crown on the sword, which shows that victory is already yours. The Ace of Swords shows up when we’re inspired to take action on an idea that we have. You’re busy connecting with people and may come across important people who want to work with you. In the meantime,, try not to let your insecurities get the best of you, since someone looks to you for guidance. Remember, you’re a lot more of an expert than you give yourself credit.

For Virgo rising, this new moon is in your tenth house of reputation and legacy. Whatever hard work you’ve been putting in, be it for a job, project, or even any work you’ve been putting into yourself as an individual, that effort is finally getting noticed. There may be a bit of jealousy from someone you thought was on your side, but trust that you’re protected and this person really just sees you as competition. Don’t engage in any games of ego and focus on your own paper. Any blessings or promotions coming your way are well earned, and you’d be surprised to find just how many people are in your corner. You may have dreamed of this for a really long time so it’s okay to be emotional. This is it.

Libra Sun, Moon and Rising (Gemini Ninth House)
Card: Eight of Swords – Element: Air
You’re feeling a bit burdened by a situation, and there’s a chance for a way out. The question is, will you take it, or will you stay where it’s comfortable, even though you’re clearly unhappy. The Eight of Swords shows up when we’ve grown accustomed to a certain habit or lifestyle that’s slowly making us lose faith in ourselves. For some, you may decide to quit a job or leave a relationship in favor of inner peace. The odds might seem against you, but you really do have the power to create something new and better. Just trust.

For Libra rising, this new moon is in your ninth house of expansion, travel and learning. Even with Mercury retrograde, you may take a spontaneous trip or a much-needed vacation. However, if you’re not able to take a vacation, that doesn’t mean you can’t at least unplug for a while. Disconnect from social media and any frivolous gossip and pick up a book, or better yet, watch a documentary. You may also be thinking about going back to school to pursue a degree that you didn’t get the chance to pursue before, or get a surprise letter from an old professor asking you to work with them.

Scorpio Sun, Moon and Rising (Gemini Eighth House)
Card: Seven of Swords – Element: Air
Are you being truthful? Most of all, are you being truthful with yourself? The Seven of Swords shows up when there is some type of secrecy at play, and it may not necessarily be for something sinister. Keep in mind that we don’t know everyone’s story and that people can be good at hiding what they had to go through to get somewhere in life. The best thing is to realize that everyone’s path is different and that where you are right now shouldn’t be compared. Each person’s experience is valid. If this isn’t the case, it could also be that you’re reevaluating your boundaries and how much you need to share with others.

For Scorpio rising, this new moon is in your eighth house of intimacy, finances and secrets. This period may feel uncomfortable as you come to terms with insecurities that you thought you had overcome. The good news is that the people close to you will likely be more understanding than you imagined. It’s okay to worry about whether your efforts are well-received, and that at times what we share doesn’t get the reaction we hoped. There’s a chance to focus on a different stream of income and it may show up unexpectedly. Since Mercury is still in retrograde, it would be a good idea to wait a few more days before doing any paperwork.

Sagittarius Sun, Moon and Rising (Gemini Seventh House)
Card: Eight of Wands – Element: Fire
Something is coming along to put a smile on your face. This could be a new love interest, a job, or even the lottery. The Eight of Wands shows up when there is unexpected change happening, and it’s generally a very positive card. If there is something that you’ve been hoping for, you have every right to be optimistic, however try not to have too many expectations. The key is to follow your inner guidance. You may receive a sign in the form of a song, feather, or even a nudge to go to a certain spot you haven’t visited in a while.

For Sagittarius rising, this new moon is in your seventh house of partnerships and open enemies. Luck abounds when it comes to relationships of all kinds. You know what you want and what your standards are, and aren’t willing to settle for less like you might have in the past. Someone could sweep you off your feet. If you haven’t met this person already, you may meet them between now and the next six months. Write down a list of traits you want in a partner, and let the universe do its magic.

Capricorn Sun, Moon and Rising (Gemini Sixth House)
Card: Two of Pentacles – Element: Earth
You’ve been juggling a few things at once and are slowly learning how to make the best of your day-to-day life. The Two of Pentacles shows up when we’re making an effort to sort out our priorities. Even though it may be a bit of a challenge, looking closely at the card we see two ships in the background, suggesting that whatever effort you’ve been putting in is indeed paying off. Perhaps you’re working on a business or a writing a book, and you’ve worried about whether it will succeed. Slowly but surely the universe is letting you know that yes, success is on the way.

For Capricorn rising, this new moon is in your sixth house of routine, work and health. You may feel like you have a lot on your plate, but you’re also feeling more accomplished than usual. Maybe in the past you were hesitant to start something and now that you have started, you’re realizing that there really wasn’t anything to be afraid of. You’re likely also feeling more energetic than usual, and would do well by taking up a new exercise regime, even if it’s as simple as a thirty minute walk every day.

Aquarius Sun, Moon and Rising (Gemini Fifth House)
Card: Ace of Pentacles – Element: Earth
You could be receiving surprise money like an inheritance or a large amount of money from the government that has been owed. If this isn’t the case, you could also interact with someone who wants to invest in a business idea of yours. The Ace of Pentacles shows up when we have the opportunity to create more stability for ourselves. However, this won’t happen unless you speak on it. For example, if a team of investors is required for your business, the only way you will get hold of them is by reaching out. Use those excellent Aquarian networking skills to your advantage.

For Aquarius rising, this new moon is in your fifth house of fun, romance and creativity. It’s time to let your hair down and put off any obligations for a few more days. You’ve likely been very busy lately, so it’s important to put your needs first and get some much needed rest. A friend might call you up to go see a movie, or you could decide to do an outing. Be on the lookout for any potential love interests. You could find yourself in the right place at the right time. And if you do meet someone new, remember that Mercury is still retrograde, so it would be best to take things slow.

Pisces Sun, Moon and Rising (Gemini Fourth House)
Card: Six of Wands – Element: Fire
Success is possible, as long as you stick to your truth and manage to keep your word. The Six of Wands shows someone who’s at the height of their accomplishments. Perhaps you’ve recently been promoted, or simply have a general feeling that things are looking up for you. This is most likely related to something you’ve already put the work in. And while accomplishments are a good thing, take time to acknowledge the people who’ve been at your side every step of the way. As they say, “teamwork makes the dream work”, and nobody knows that as much as you.

For Pisces rising, this new moon is in your fourth house of ancestry, home and family. You could hear from a relative that you haven’t spoken to in a while or come across information surrounding a relative that has you reminiscent of them. For any of you who may have been searching for a biological parent or long lost siblings, you might get the chance to meet them in the near future. For others, you’re eager to spend more time at home with loved ones, and want to sit down and chat with them about your feelings.

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