For digital copies, download link will be sent via email. Learning the Stars is currently only available as digital. Queen of Hearts and Persephone Rises available in both digital and print.

Queen of Hearts – 2018

From very personal pieces which talk about bullying, depression, and abuse, to more uplifting ones that celebrate overcoming adversity, falling in love, and intimacy, ‘Queen of Hearts’ opens with a poem written when Karina had just started high school. Each chapter explores and remembers the transitions and the little things that take place while becoming an adult. This book doesn’t shy away from the gritty side of life, especially when talking about womanhood. It also highlights experiences related to identity, sexuality, and reminds us it really does take courage to be vulnerable.

Digital version – $10

For paperback, visit here.

Persephone Rises – 2019

Giving up her life in Montreal to move to the major Canadian city of Toronto to build her film career, Karina sets out on a journey that goes beyond finding work in her field. After gaining luck on a few film sets, she meets a guy who she first assumes is the love of her life, only to find herself in an emotionally abusive relationship. They quickly get married six months later, and at this point Karina begins struggling with depression, anxiety, and body image. Finally making it out of a messy breakup, she then tries to rebuild her life by putting the focus back to her career and starting a small business, only to later end up homeless. Unsure about what to do next- go back home or try one more time in Toronto, she leaves it to fate and how the rest of the story unfolds is proof magic can happen in real life.

Digital version – $13

For paperback, visit here.

Learning the Stars: The Basics of a Natal Chart – 2020

Always wanted to read your own birth chart but don’t know where to start?

Learning the Stars is a very simple and easy-to-understand, 62 pages, with very brief yet concise descriptions of all the basics you need to know: from rising signs, to the sun, moon, Venus, the outer planets, North/Node, the angles, squares, trines- even Chiron. If you’re already familiar with astrology you might want to skip the first few pages, where I also explain the steps on everything needed to generate a chart (of course your time of birth, dob, which websites generate the best charts). The workbook includes a fictional birth chart, but I highly suggest having a copy of your own to follow along. I even include a list of astrologers that I’ve been following since I first started learning back in 2013- one of my favourites is Nadiya Shah.


Digital version – $8

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