Learning the Stars: The Basics of a Natal Chart – 2020

Always wanted to read your own birth chart but don’t know where to start?

Learning the Stars is a very simple and easy-to-understand, 62 pages, with very brief yet concise descriptions of all the basics you need to know: from rising signs, to the sun, moon, Venus, the outer planets, North/Node, the angles, squares, trines- even Chiron. If you’re already familiar with astrology you might want to skip the first few pages, where I also explain the steps on everything needed to generate a chart (of course your time of birth, dob, which websites generate the best charts). The workbook includes a fictional birth chart, but I highly suggest having a copy of your own to follow along. I even include a list of astrologers that I’ve been following since I first started learning back in 2013- one of my favourites is Nadiya Shah.

🌈🦄🦋 Digital version – $8

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