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I’m currently offering pay-what-you-can general readings between now and August 1st (minimum $40)! This is a great opportunity if you’re either new to astrology or still have yet to get a reading with me. Let’s get some general insight into your natal chart. So what do you say? Dive in!

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The Bar Has Always Been Low, You Just Couldn’t See It

Wednesday Journal Entry, Week 11

Karina Lafayette – July 6th 2022

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Lately I’ve been noticing a trend on social media where people are complaining about how the bar is so low when it comes to relationships. My question is, when has the bar not been low? And forgive my cynicism , but when have most relationships actually been about connection anyway?

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Persephone’s Lounge: Artist Sun Days – Tennyson King

Musician, Moonchild

Photo by Jen Squires

Sun Sign: Cancer

Venus: Virgo

“There is no set way to do things in the studio to be honest, you really just have to be open to go with the creative flow and what ‘s working, trying not to force anything. Creativity is a fascinating expression, and I really enjoy the mystery of how music comes out when we are in the studio.”


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And Now She Bites Back: New Moon in Cancer 2022

Karina Lafayette – July 28th 2022

Photo by Mohammed Nohassi on Unsplash

There’s a saying that “the more things change, the more they stay the same”. Some people are okay with that. Some people are okay with preserving the status quo, because it makes them feel safe and comfortable. Even though it’s starting to become a problem, they won’t change it because making a change is too difficult to adapt. It’s the reason why a lot of us stay in jobs, cities, and relationships that we should have left behind a long time ago.

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The Moment I Knew I Was Done with Him

Wednesday Journal Entry, Week 10

Karina Lafayette – June 29th 2022

Photo by Erica Magugliani on Unsplash

Every now and then he still tries to come back. I don’t answer him the way I used to. I wonder if an exorcism will do the job, maybe then he’ll leave me alone for good.

He comes around usually when I’m starting feel great about myself. When I’m accomplished and more successful, only to try to suck me back in. A few times, he did manage to achieve his goal, but this time, he failed completely.

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Persephone’s Lounge: Artist Sun Days – Chelsea Valentine

Singer, Songwriter, Earthbound

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Venus: Capricorn

Rising: Taurus

“The downside for these platforms can be that it creates pressure for a sound or song to go viral. And if it doesn’t, does that mean you as an artist have failed? Or do you try and chase what is popular instead of creating what you want? And if you are chasing trends, is it authentic to you?”


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Reclaiming Venus and All Things Beautiful: Uranus Meets the North Node

June 16th 2022 – Karina Lafayette

Our relationship to food, beauty, art, love, and money has been a flawed one for a very long time. On the one hand, these are all the things we deem necessary for survival. If you don’t have food, your body withers into a shell of what it used to be. If you don’t have beauty, your life can be okay, but it will lack […]

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Persephone’s Lounge: Artist Sun Days – Clara MacLeod

Singer, Songwriter, Jupiterian

Sun Sign: Sagittarius

Venus: Aquarius

Rising: Pisces

“I’m a person who’s very focused on the creative side of things. I will write until my brain is empty and meticulously record layer after layer for a piece no matter how long it takes. Even on the marketing side with photoshoots and videos, I love designing, visualizing and bringing a concept to life!”


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