Persephone’s Lounge: Artist Sun Days – Chelsea Valentine

Singer, Songwriter, Earthbound

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Venus: Capricorn

Rising: Taurus

“The downside for these platforms can be that it creates pressure for a sound or song to go viral. And if it doesn’t, does that mean you as an artist have failed? Or do you try and chase what is popular instead of creating what you want? And if you are chasing trends, is it authentic to you?”


Chelsea Valentine is a singer/songwriter based in New South Wales, Australia. She’s been into music from a very young age, playing the violin in childhood, and later on working as a DJ at various nightclubs in her area. For several years, she put her ambitions on hold to focus on other things, till an accident led her down the musical path again. “A couple of years ago when I was recovering from an accident and suffered a concussion, that’s when I discovered songwriting.” She began putting together her own songs by focusing mainly on the lyrics, allowing the melody to follow.

As a Taurus rising, there really isn’t much Chelsea can’t accomplish. With enough determination and patience, this rising sign is very well known in the art world for overcoming major obstacles in order to get what they want. There’s also a very pleasant, stable aura that can be felt when indulging in her sounds as a musician, that makes it so you only want to hear more of her. Chelsea’s style is mainly pop, but she also credits a lot of her influence to Taylor Swift and the country genre thanks to its storytelling aspect.

“Pop music doesn’t seem to have as many musical rules as other genres, so it gives me a lot of space to work with to express myself and my songs.”

“Over the past two years I’ve been developing my songwriting skills by working with other artists and taking songwriting workshops,” which eventually pushed Chelsea into releasing her first single “Without You” in April of this year. On weekdays, she spends time at her job, while on nights and weekends are dedicated to writing, recording, while expanding her repertoire as an artist. Not that many would have the time, let alone the patience to balance a regular job with their career, so it’s a good thing her Venus is in level-headed, ambitious Capricorn. Venus in Capricorn does quite well in the arts, since the Saturn-ruled sign rarely takes “no” for an answer when on the path to their goals. Where others might give up, Chelsea continues pushing even further. This placement also makes her chic and sophisticated and someone who has the potential to last on the scene for a very longtime.

Like many artists, she’s experienced both the benefits and pitfalls that come with social media. It’s helped her find her voice as well as her audience, and allowed her to connect with others in the industry. However, with it comes the unwanted pressure of going viral. “If [a song] doesn’t, does that mean you as an artist have failed? Or do you try and chase what is popular instead of creating what you want? And if you are chasing trends, is it authentic to you?”

Another downside she sees on social media is how the overabundance of new music makes it so artists are less likely to be appreciated or remembered, since so many of us get introduced to new songs nearly every day. “I think things like the internet and social media have made it possible for artists like myself to put our music out there without record labels and such and doing things on our own terms. […] But in the same sentence, because there is so music new music all the time and I feel our attention spans have become shorter and shorter, I think it has made music seem more disposable.

Overall, the music industry in Australia is rather expansive. “For example, the music industry in Western Australia is really strong, and they even have their own music industry awards! And Melbourne is a really well-known city for music too.” All in all, it varies between regions and at the end of the day, what matters is being able to find like-minded people to work with, especially since as an Aquarius community is extremely important to her.

“Being an indie artist can be really challenging and isolating, especially during the last two years, so being able to connect with others who are working through the same things is important for comfort and to build confidence.”

Stay tuned for Chelsea’s new single “Wire”, available to stream July 27th.

To listen to Chelsea’s music, you can find her on Spotify. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @chelsea_valentine_music and Tiktok @chelsea_valentine.

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