Persephone’s Lounge: Artist Sun Days – D3VILISHBRI

Rockstar from Venus

Sun: Pisces

Venus: Taurus

Rising: Leo

“Even when you don’t quite have the money to make the highest quality art, if you’re truly passionate about it and want to create, you’ll do just that no matter what resources you have!”Bri

Bri is a singer, songwriter, musician, and a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. Primarily a bass player, they dabble in almost every instrument from violin, bass, drums, and electric guitar, just to name a few. Set in Baltimore, Maryland, the eighteen-year-old’s first song “Immature” came out in September 2022 and since then, they have slowly begun to amass a following through sheer grit, determination, and the passion of a Taurus Venus. Some of Bri’s influences are Paramore and early 2000s pop punk. Bri describes their style as an eclectic mix of pop punk and alternative rock.

“The popstars that were a hot topic at the time inspire me a great deal even if I’m not creating the same genre of music as them, but I never quite saw myself in them since they were all white girls for the most part and I am very much… not. So I guess what really influences me is the younger version of myself that wanted to see people like me represented in rock and overall just alternative styles of music.”

Like many young artists just starting out, when it comes to making music, Bri mainly works from their phone or laptop. Known for being very resourceful and hardworking, Taurus Venus often take the most challenging obstacles and turn them into art. Bri says, “Even when you don’t quite have the money to make the highest quality art, if you’re truly passionate about it and want to create, you’ll do just that no matter what resources you have! Of course as I work my way up, I would like to have a nicer setup, but what I do now in the comforts of my own home works just fine and it can help let people know that they can do the exact same!”

Aside from recording, Bri also aims to do live shows and is currently working on making that goal a reality. While their Venus placement gives a sense of groundedness, with a Pisces Sun, this gives the ability to dream and expand their vision and bring it into reality. As a mutable sign, it’s impossible to box their music into one genre, since mutables like to experiment and aren’t afraid of trying something new. Taurus and Pisces together build a gritty, original artistry that’s progressive and pays tribute to other alt. rock/punk musicians that came before.

Most recently, Bri achieved a milestone, when they were contacted by Canadian actor and director Avan Jogia, to collaborate on the soundtrack to Avan’s feature directorial debut, Door Mouse, an indie neo-noir film made in Ontario. “He got me in contact with his brother, Ketan, who was working on the soundtrack for the film and he asked me for some punk basslines. Making and recording them was fairly quick. I basically freestyled all of them and sent the tracks to him in a couple of days. I was super nervous cause I had never done anything like that before, and I had no clue if they would love or hate whatever I came up with, but it all worked out.”

Screenshot from ‘Door Mouse’ (2023)

Overall, Bri has been quite happy being able to collaborate and share their work with other artists, and looks forward to potentially working on more film soundtracks in the future, if the opportunity comes up. Aside from the mix of punk and alt rock, they add that they’d also enjoy experimenting with lofi hip hop/rnb, as well as “more pop sounding music that I could dance to like Doja Cat or Lady Gaga, but of course that may or may not change in the future, who knows? Maybe I won’t be as angsty and angry in a couple years time. There is a world of genres I haven’t gotten to explore yet.”

Like many up and coming musicians, Bri has definitely experienced the ups and downs that come with social media. As Bri put it, it can be difficult to capture people’s interest in a lasting way, and that “nine times out of ten, you probably got a portion of that from a 15 second audio made specifically for Tiktok users’ ears, and at that point [artists] could have that one song that went viral be their top song, and then the rest of their music falls flat in terms of streams because it didn’t have that moment.”

While on one hand, social media is a great way for independent artists to promote their work without the pressure of having to cater to expectations, on the other, being independent means that many artists have to go the extra mile to make sure their work is visible. However, just by their social media presence, it doesn’t seem to get to Bri. Thanks to a bold Leo rising, they’re able to garner the charisma needed to have people hooked, both online and through their music. Leo is after all, a sign that’s unapologetic and has no issue making their voice heard when needed.

Nevertheless, another issue that’s still widely common, is the lack of diversity in music. “This could be a critique on the world in general, but colorism is still very much an issue and I believe this just because often times lighter skinned artists are handed opportunities more easily than darker skinned artists and even when opportunities are provided, it’s clear who they’re trying to push out more to the public. So I guess what could be improved is people being treated more equally in the industry, but that’s kind of a society thing overall.”

If there’s one good thing about the modern music scene however, it’s how much technology and the internet has made it easier to collaborate with other artists regardless of where they’re from, as seen with Bri’s involvement on the Door Mouse soundtrack. “I feel like that’s something we could all use to our advantage.”


To listen to D3VILISHBRI’s music, you can find them on Spotify, SoundCloud and other streaming platforms here. Be sure to also follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok.

Door Mouse is available for streaming here.

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